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After the Orcs had defeated the Dwarven Kingdom together with the Humans, their former allies soon turned against them. The Orcs, constantly waging war, always had to deal with the high mortality that was the fate of soldiers. Even with their women going into battle at the side of the men, their numbers were no match for the Humans who had the population of a whole continent to draw from. And then there was what some people called honesty, others simple-mindedness - Orcs, relying on their superior strength, had a tendency to walk straight forward, stumbling into cunningly set traps and ambushes again and again. In the end they were forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty and retreat to the safety of the Immortal Plateau, in the northwestern part of Elmore. There they built for themselves a fortress-like village, with a temple to Pa'agrio in a volcanic cave they had found in the mountains sheltering the village from the western ocean winds.

In an attempt to deal with their defeat, they made up their own religion, with a somewhat simplified creation myth which claimed that after Pa'agrio had made the First Orc, he had sent him directly to the Immortal Plateau "to control the chaos"; no mention being made of the Orcs having been put to work as soldiers by the Giants. The conflict with the other races was explained as "the gods of wind, earth and water" being jealous of the First Orc's power, who was "much stronger than their puny creations". It was those gods who were seeking to kill the First Orc. "Eventually they were successful, but not before the mighty Orc created, with his last dying breath, the originators of the Seven Tribes." Those "Seven Originators" (a representation of the low population base after the retreat) were then working hard to make the tribes prosperous, increasing their numbers until they had among them 108 clans.

Life in the village is still organized along military lines, with Centurions being responsible for security and the initial training of young Orcs, above them Praetorians and Prefects, and the Chiefs residing in the King's Hall, the central two-storey administration building crowned with an impressive statue of Pa'agrio. Unlike Humans and Kamael, who have Dwarves living in their villages and towns, working as blacksmiths and in the local warehouses, the Orcs do everything themselves. Apart from considerations of military self-sufficiency they simply do not want to have those who betrayed them in their midst. The only non-Orc in the village is Fishing Guild Member Ogord, a Human.

Town Map


Gatekeeper Tamil Normal Cost

Reduced Cost
M-F 8 PM to 12 AM

The Town of Gludio
Town of Schuttgart
Dark Elven Village
Dwarven Village
Talking Island Village
Elven Village
Kamael Village
Immortal Plateau, Southern Region
Immortal Plateau, Northern Region
Cave of Trials
Frozen Waterfalls

Noblesse Ports Cost
Gludin Arena
Giran Arena
Immortal Plateau, Northern Region


Prefect Brukurse

Gantaki Zu Urutu

Warehouse Keeper Grookin

Urutu Chief Hatos

Hestui Totem Spirit

Warehouse Freightman Imantu

Trader Jakal

Flame Lord Kakai

Prefect Karukia

Weapons Trader Kunai

Seer Livina

Centurion Nakusin

Fishing Guild Member Ogord

Centurion Orinak

Trader Papuma

Centurion Petukai

Centurion Parugon

Centurion Petukai

Guardian of Flame Rokar

Praetorian Rukain

Amulet Seller Shantra

Blacksmith Sumari

Centurion Tamai

Gatekeeper Tamil

Seer Tanapi

Neruga Chief Tantus

Tataru Zu Hestui

Centurion Tiku

Trader Uska

Centurion Vapook

Atuba Chief Varkees

Flame Guardian Vulkus


Long live the Pa'agrio Lord!

Into the City of Humans

Proof of Valor

Wrath of Ancestors

Invaders of the Holy Land

Skirmish with the Werewolves

Merciless Punishment

Dark Winged Spies

Totem of the Hestui

Gatekeeper's Offering

Walk of Fate


Schuttgart Territory