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Priest of the Earth Zimenf

Priest of the Earth Zimenf can be found in Dwarven Village in the Temple of Maphr. He says for a mere ten million adena, or more, one can take home an idol of the Goddess Maphr to assure health and longevity.


"Carna Maphr, I am Priest Zimenf.

Great Maphr, the goddess of the earth creating us Dwarves by infusing the power of the earth and the spirit of the light of Einhasad. It is also said that the goddess gave us the ability to create anything in accordance with the law of the universe. Always acknowledge her gift and be thankful. All of our abilities are gifts of grace given by the great Maphr.

We should never become arrogant. If you want to return the grace of the goddess, you should take this beautiful idol of the goddess to your house. This idol was handmade by faithful Capuni! The Maphr Temple specially ordered and manufactured this for exemplary beleivers who donate ten million adena or more! With this everything is well! Health and longevity!! And harmonious family!

You should not forget this! We are the chosen race of Maphr, a crafter of heaven and the goddess of the earth Carna Maphra"