Trial of the Scholar

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in the Einhasad Temple in the Town of Dion, with Magister Mirien. She gives you 168 dimensional Diamonds and sends you to High Priest Sylvain. Trust me, you'll want to use as many as those diamonds as possible with this quest.

2) Sylvain is in the same temple, and sends you to Maria also in Dion, in the Grocery Store.

3) Maria sends you to Captain Lucas, who is blessedly still in Dion, since the introduction of the Kamaloka at the central square, not far from the Grocery.

4) Captain Lucas sends you right back to Maria in the Grocery.

5) Maria sends you to Floran Village to see Astrologer Creta. Take a deep breath, this is a LONG quest.

6) Creta is by the corner of the building next to the Warehouse in Floran. She sends you back to Maria in Dion.

7) In Dion, Maria sends you right back to Creta in Floran.

8) Creta gives you a painting and sends you back to Dion to Maria.

9) Maria sends you over to Lucas again.

10) Lucas says the painting looks like a Lizardman and sends you back to Maria.

11) Maria asks you to track down some scrolls from the Leto Lizardman Warrior. At least you get out of town right?

13) If you go to Oren you can port to Plains of the Lizardmen to find the Leto Lizardman Warriors. They are not aggro, but the Overlords and Lord of Plain groups are. You need 5 brown scroll scraps. Then go back to Dion, and Maria.

14) Maria finishes the crystal and sends you to Sylvain in the Dion Temple.

15) Sylvain sends you to Mirien in the same temple.

16) Mirien sends you to see Magister Jurek in Giran.

17) Jurek is in the Magic Guild, which is to the right of the temple across the water. He gives you a list of mobs to collect things from to bring back to him.

18) You'll need 5 Monster Eye Destroyer Skins, 5 Breka Orc Shaman Necklaces, and 2 Shackle Scalps. Once you have all this go back to Jurek in Giran. Monster Eyes and Shackles can be found around the Plains of Dion, and the entrance to Dragon Valley off Death pass, respectively.

19) Jurek sends you (sigh) back to Mirien in Dion.

20) Mirien asks if you are ready for the final challenge, and it's a shame that "you're kidding right?" isn't an option. She sents you to Elder Cronos in Hunters Village.

21) Cronos is to the left of the Gatekeeper, and you are forced to be rude to him but he calls you cheeky twice so fair's fair. Then it's back to the Magic Guild in Giran, this time to Magister Dieter.

22) Dieter sends you over to Creta in Floran Village. You should be burning through those diamonds at this point, I hope.

23) In Floran, Creta sends you back to Dieter in Giran.

24) Dieter sends you to Hunters Village to see Edroc in the Weapons and Armor shop.

25) In Hunters, Trader Edroc sends you to Raut the Warehouse Keeper, who is clear over in GLUDIN.

26) In Gludin Village, in the Warehouse, talk to Raut and he tells you to find his brother in the Gludin Harbor.

27) Walk over to the Harbor and Drunkard Triff (/target Triff) is along the left side of the Harbor across all the walkways, all the way to the back. He sends you off to find two people, Blacksmith Poitan in Dion and Warehouse Keeper Valkon in Giran.

28) I went to Dion first, and Poitan tells you to go to the Wasteland to see Casian.

29) This step is optional, you can go right to Valkon in Giran. If you choose to visit Casian anyway, you can either port from Gludio to the Ants Nest and run South, or go to Gludin and ports to the Wastelands and run North to find him. He's behind the big spire rocks so a /target Casian will be useful. He says nothing at all useful.

Go to Giran to the Warehouse to see Valkon.

30) In the Town of Giran, Valkon wants the purifying crystal for his book, and that annoying Maria back in the Town of Dion has it. So back to Dion!

31) In Dion go back to the Magic shop, get the crystal from Maria and go right back to Giran to Valkon.

32) In Giran, Valkon gives you his book. Then head up to Death Pass to hunt Grandis to get the third book. After you have that go back to the Wasteland and speak with Casian.

33) Casian gives you a list of things to collect to bring back to him. You're almost done with the quest!!

34) You need 10 Ghoul Skins, 12 Medusa's Blood, 5 Fettered Soul Ichor, and 5 Enchanted Gargoyle Nails. Only Medusas are aggro, you can find the mobs in the following locations. When you have all the parts return to Casian.

35) Casian gives you the 4th book. Then go back to Hunters Village and talk to Cronos.

36) In Hunters, Cronos says a bunch of stuff but FINALLy sends you to your very last step, which is once again back to Dion, to Mirien in the Temple.

37) In Dion talk to Mirien and you're DONE! The reward used to be Mark of Scholar, 80,2665 exp and 30,000 SP, nowadays it's Mark of Scholar, 159,814 adena, 876,963 exp and 56,877 SP.