Trial of the Pilgrim

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1) The quest begins at the Turek Orc Camp (Orc barracks) with Hermit Santiago. You can port right there from the Gatekeeper. He will also give you 49 dimension diamonds you can use to exchange for town specific SOEs. This will save you a ton of money. You will see a house to the right of the road and Santiago is standing towards the back of the house to the right.

2) Head back to Gludin and port to Orc town to meet Seer Tanapi. He’s in the building behind the Gatekeeper, you should be able to target him (/target Tanapi) soon as you port.

3) Use the gatekeeper to port directly to the Cave of Trials to find Ancestor Martankus. He’s not hard to find, head straight into the cave until you come to a short bridge over a stream of water. Jump into the water to the RIGHT and head through that tunnel. He's on the yellow spot on the map. He’s hard to miss as he is a giant bunch of heads.

Martankus tells you to head to the Forgotten Temple of the Essence of Flame. Use a scroll of escape to get back to Orc Town, and port to Gludin or use the diamonds to get a scroll right back to Gludin. You can run to the Forgotten Temple south out of Gludin. I suggest bringing a melee weapon if you have it, lots of soul shots, alacrity or swift attack pots.

4) On entering the Forgotten Temple you will come to a wall that represents the water and fire side. Turn into the fire side, but be careful to not aggro anything if you don’t have to. The mobs in here are 2x hp, and the archers ARE aggro. The mobs you want are the lava salamanders, not rowin. Once you get into the rooms with rowin try /target Lava Salamander to point in the right direction. They are in a room by themselves, marked Quest Monster, and social aggro. I would not suggest taking more than one at a time and pop any swift attack pots you have. Windstrike fails OFTEN.

The quest item is called Essence of Flame. I had to kill between 2-4 salamanders but sometimes it's more so don't give up! You can solo it with a decent weapon, buffs, heal pots, and shots but a partner would be useful. Once you receive it, escape back to Gludin.

5) In Gludin port back to Orc Town, port to the Cave of Trials and find Martankus again.

SOE out and talk to Tanapi again. He tells you to visit Gauri Twinklerock in Dwarf Town.

6) Port back to Gludio, then over to Dwarven Village. Gauri Twinklerock stands near the Blacksmith. She tells you to speak with Gerald, the priest of Earth OR Dorf. Dorf is closer so I went to him.

Dorf can be found near the north entrance in town.

Gerald is here if you choose to talk to him. I don't know what he says though since it's one OR the other, but he use to ask for 100k and you could turn him down. If you talk to Gauri again she says she has nothing for you.

If you speak to Dorf again, he should tell you to see Priest Primos in Giran castle town.

7) Go to Giran. Priest Primos can be found in the church. He tells you to speak with Priest Petron of Talking Island! Good game. You can take the boat to Talking Island from Giran Harbor, port or boat there from Gludin, This would be a good use of those diamonds.

8) At Talking Island, Petron is found in the church just behind where the Gatekeeper is. He asks you to handle the evil spiri Nahir which is found in the elven ruins. Port or walk over to the elven ruins.

Nahir is fairly easy to find, once inside the ruins run straight down the hallway until you dead end, then turn right, then turn right at the dead end again, and he's at the end of that hall. He’s not too hard but again, a melee weapon and lots of SS is very helpful. I had to kill him 3 times to receive the quest item, Hair of Nahir. Some people have reported having to do it many more times so be prepared.

Go back to town and speak with Petron again. He tells you to see Andelia of the Elven village. Make your way there by whatever means you can afford, hint diamonds!

9) Speak with Andellia, she will ask you to kill the Black Willow mob and talk to Uruha. However if you aren't 36 at this point the quest stops.

If you are levelled up she sends you to kill the Black Willows.

10) Both can be found near the waterfall by the neutral zone, so either use the Neutral zone port or walk on over.

I had to kill about 10 of these before I got the quest item piece, Debris of Willow. Although they are marked “weak to sacred” you cannot use Disrupt Undead on them. Fortunately Uruha is in the same area as the Black Willow mobs. Speak to her and she gives you the Book of Darkness.

If you are a Dark Elf class, do NOT SOE, walk back to Elven Village (SOE will take you to Dark Elf Village)
If you are a Human class, walk to the elf region and SOE there (SOEing anywhere else will take you to either Gludio or Dark Elf Village)
If you are an Elven class, you can just SOE right there, it will take you to Elven Village.

11) Speak to Andellia again.

I chose to burn it, if you choose not to nothing changes but Andelia will respond with, "You will soon regret your decision! You befoul this Holy Land with your presence! Go and play with that old nag Elder in the Wastelands!".

She tells you then to seek Wiseman Casian in the wastelands.

12) Port to Gludio, then use the port for the Ants Nest (or go to Gludin and port Wastelands and walk North).

Once you get close to the pointer on the map use /target Casian to pull to him. He gives you a Book of Sage and sends you back to your starting location, in Orc Barracks, with Santiago.

13) Your final reward is the Mark of Pilgrim, 629,125 exp and 40,803 sp.


The old reward was 77,382 exp and 16,000 sp: