Trial of the Guildsman

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts Giran Castle town in the Warehouse with Warehouse Keeper Valkon. You have no choice but to pay 2,000 adena as a registration fee. He tells you to visit Blacksmith Altran on Talking Island. He mentions something about Altran's arthritis before you go, though. You will receive 85 dimensional diamonds here.

So what he means then, is to get the Mandragora Berry BEFORE you go to Talking Island. Trust me, here's what happens if you didn't. If you don't care skip to step 2.

And if you then go back to Valkon again he will flat out tell you to get the berry.

2) Mandragora mobs can be found in the pits just outside of the Execution Grounds, where the Catacomb of the Heretic is. You only need 1 berry, and it should only take a few kills. Then head to Talking Island.

3) Blacksmith Altran is near the center of town, not in a building. He gives you the receipe for the Journeyman rings, which even a scavenger can read, and tells you to go to Gludin to find Norman and Gludio to Pinter.

4) We'll start in Gludin Village; Warehouse Keeper Norman is in the Warehouse. He tells you to go to Duning of Hunters Village. Before we do that, go to Gludio.

5) In the blacksmith shop in Gludio, talk to Blacksmith Pinter. He asks you to retrieve Amber Beads. To understand Pinter's cryptic remark about "work ants" as opposed to "ant soldiers" one must know that in the Korean original (and all other Asian versions of the game) the regular Ants are called "Worker Ants" (il kaemi) and the Ant Captains are "Worker Ant Group Leaders" (il kaemi daejang). What Pinter means is that for your 70 Beads you must kill the simple Ants and Ant Captains in the first few rooms of the Ant Nest, not the Ant Soldiers and Ant Warrior Captains further in. You can port right to the Ant Nest from Gludio and head into the cave.

6) Before CT 2 you only used to get one or two Amber Beads from an ant, whereas nowadays you get without Spoil 5 Beads per ant; if you use Spoil (Sweeping is not necessary), then it's 10 Beads from one ant. When you have 70 go back to Pinter.

7) Pinter will give you 7 Journeyman Deco Beads. Then go to Hunters Village.

8) In Hunters Village go to the Blacksmith and talk to Blacksmith Duning. He tells you to get the 30 lost keys from Breka Orcs. Go to Giran and port/walk to the Breka Orc Stronghold.

9) He doesn't specify which type of Breka orc to kill but I seemed to get them from Breka Orc Warriors, shamans, and overlords. When you get 30 go back to Duning in Hunters.

10) Duning thanks you and sends you back to Gludin to Norman.

11) Back in Gludin, Norman gives you some more things to do. You need parts from Dead Seekers, Granite Golems, ghouls or straights, and Silenos.

12) Fortunately all but the Silenos can be found in the Execution Grounds. You need 70 items of each, but the drop rate is 100% and you'll get several at a time.

Silenos can be found near the Monster Race Track. When you get 70 of each item go back to Norman.

13) In Gludin, Norman gives you 7 Journeyman Gems. Now you can craft your rings, you'll need to first register the ring recipe you got at the beginning of the quest, then use item creation to craft it. You will need in total, 7 Steel, 70 Varnish, and 70 D grade Crystals. You'll be making 7 rings. These will show up in your QUEST inventory. Then go back to Valkon in Giran.

14) In Giran in the Warehouse, talk to Valkon and answer however you like, I tried the first one. I don't think it matters though.

You will earn Mark of Guildsman, 80,993 exp, and 12,250 sp. In CT 2 you also get adena.