Trial of Duty

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1) This quest starts in the Warrior Guild in Giran with Grand Master Hannavalt. He tells you to visit Sir Aron Tanford who is South of the Wastelands. He also gives you 61 Dimensional Diamonds which are more than enough to buy scrolls for every single step of this quest.

2) Sir Aron Tanford can be found by a house near the Ol Mahum Checkpoint. If you port from Gludin using the Wastelands port, it will put you close. He will give you an Old Knights Sword, (two handed, non grade) and tells you to kill the skeletons found around the Wastelands until the Spirit of Sir Herod appears. You can use any weapon to kill the mobs but use the Old Knights Sword to defeat Herod.

3) The skeleton Raider, and Maruaders are found all over the Wastelands. You should be able to solo them no problem.

When the Quest Monster Spirit of Sir Herod spawns, he will not be aggro. Equip the Knights Sword and defeat him, I suggest having some heal potions on hand. He will give you the Knights Tear quest item, then go back to Aron.

4) Aron sends you to the Dark Elf Guild in Dion, to meet Sir Kiel Nighthawk.

5) Sir Kiel Nighthawk is in the Dion Dark Elf Guild and asks you to defeat ghouls and strains in the Execution Grounds for the report pieces.

6) This is amazingly easy, the items drop every mob.

7) Once you get all the pieces go back to Dion to Sir Kiel Nighthawk He sends you back to Execution Grounds to kill Hangman Trees, which are just up the stairs/across the stream from the mobs you just killed.

8) It should only take 1-2 trees for the Spirit of Sir Talianus to show up. You don't have to fight him, just talk to him, then go back to Dion again to Kiel.

9) Kiel sends you to Hunters Village to Sir Isael Silvershadow.

10) Isael Silvershadow, who appears not to be a SIR to me, is in Hunters Village and asks you to hunt Leto Lizardmen for 20 article pieces. Port to the town of Oren, the Plains of the Lizardmen.

11) The quest items drop every mob, but you may want to bring a friend because if you aggro more than one, or an archer you could have a little trouble.

12) When you have 20 go back to Isael who tells you to go to Father Dustin in Giran.

13) Priest Dustin is in the Einhasad Temple in Giran, he tells you a rather gross story about collecting body parts from the Breka Orc Overlords. You can port right to the Breka Orcs from Giran, they are north of Giran, it's a short walk as well.

14) You only need to kill Breka Orc Overlords, and the body parts drop very fast, it should only take 4 mobs. Then go back to Giran to Dustin.

15) Dustin thanks you and then sends you to Sir Collin Windawood on Talking Island. This is a great excuse to use those diamonds for a town specific SOE.

16) Once at Talking Island, port right to the Obelisk of Victory. Talk to Sir Collin Windawood, and then go right back to Giran to Priest Dustin.

17) Priest Dustin in Giran sends you back to where you started with Grand Master Hannavalt, back in the Fighters Guild.

18) Last step of the quest is to speak to Hannavalt in the Fighters Guild in Giran and earn (pre CT2 rewards) Mark of Duty, 79,832 exp and 3750 sp.

The new rewards are 59,484 adena, Mark of Duty, 381,288 exp and 24,729 sp.