The Way of the Warrior

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By Elmar

1) This quest, which can be done from level 10, starts with Hierarch Kekropus on the balcony in the House of Elders in the Kamael Village.

2) Choose "The Way of the Warrior" from the quest menu.

Kekropus sends you to Vice Hierarch Perwan in the Cave of Souls, where you started your career as a Kamael.

3) Talk to Perwan, who is standing in the back of the cave.

4) He wants you to kill Mountain Werewolves in the Hills of Gold and bring back 5 Wolf Tails.

The quest item acquisition rate is about 1 for every 2 Werewolves killed. When you have the 5 Tails, return to Perwan in the Cave of Souls.

5) Perwan sends you to Kekropus in the village, who then sends you back to Perwan.

6) In a fake ceremony - no special effects at all - Perwan promotes you to a true Kamael warrior and sends you back to Kekropus.

7) As a further test you then have to hunt Muertos. Go either to the southern end of the island or out the east gate and kill any Muertos you see there until you have 10 claws (you will have to kill about 30).

The quest screen says you can also hunt Muertos Warriors, Muertos (Guard) Captains, Muertos Lieutenants and Muertos (Warlord) Commanders. Those are all to be found in Mimir's Forest and are level 14 to 18. Definitely not suitable for a level 10 character.

8) Return to Kekropus. He will reward you with 100 Lesser Healing Potions, 7000 Soulshots, a Warrior's Sword resp. rapier (P.Atk. 12, very fast) and Echo Crystals.

In addition to that you get nowadays 8,799 adena, 20,739 exp and 1,777 SP.