The Food Chain

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By Elmar

1) This quest, which can be picked up by all races at level 3, starts with Marksman Bixon at the southern entry of the Kamael Village.

2) Bixon tells you about a recent increase in numbers of Grey Keltirs and Black Wolves near the village. Those animals don't pose a threat in themselves, but they might attract other, more dangerous beasts who feed on them. Agree to help Bixon by hunting the Keltirs and Wolves. "Yeager Vizon" in the quest screen is a transliteration error for "Jaeger [German for "ranger", like "Zerstorer" for "destroyer"] Bixon".

3) Keltirs and Wolves can be found all along the southern road.

4) You can return with any amount of Grey Keltir Teeth and/or Black Wolf Teeth.

5) If you choose "Exchange teeth for adena", Bixon will pay you 2a per tooth, no matter whether Keltir or Wolf.

If you choose "Exchange 25 teeth for an item", you will get at random either Cloth Shoes or a Cloth Cap or Short Gloves or Cotton Pants or a Magic Ring. But when you sell these items (you probably already have your Wooden Armour set from Zerstorer Marcela, you will only get a few dozen adena for them. It is more profitable to exchange your teeth for cash.

6) The quest is infinitely repeatable. If you quit, Bixon says this: