Testimony of Trust

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1) The quest starts with High Priest Hollint in Oren Castle town, in the church. He tells you to give letters to the leaders of the Elf and Dark elf races. Specifically, to the light elven village to find Hierach Asterios. If you port everywhere for this quest, be prepared to spent upwards of 500k. You should get a good amount of dimension stones since that C5 patch though, which makes porting unneeded because you can just buy scrolls to go everywhere (just about)

2) Hierach Asterios can be found in the Temple of Eva in the light elven village. He tells you to find the chief of the wind spirit, and tree spirits, and will need to hunt liriens and dryads.

3) Dryads can be found just outside of town, or through the Elven Forest gatekeeper port.

Kill them, it should only take a few if not the first, to summon Actea of Verdant Wilds. Defeat her to get the quest item, she should be white to you but not a big problem.

Lireirns are found a little farther down the road, where the road combined into one. Kill a few to summon Luell of Zephyr Winds and defeat her as well. Then take your quest items back to Asterios in the elven village.

4) Asterios gives you his letter and sends you to talk to those evil dark elves.

Tetrarch Thifell is in the Shilen Temple in town. He gives you a long speech about collecting things and sends you to Dion town to Magister Clayton to get the LIST of materials to collect. That's right, the list, not the mats themselves.

5) Magister Clayton is in Dion castle town in the dark elf guild. He gives you the list of stuff to get, which include having to hunt the Marsh Stakato, soldier ants, and guardian basilisks.

6) The closest mobs are the Marsh Stakatos which are around Cruma Tower. You need to get enough of the quest items to combine into Stakato Ichor, the quest does that for you. You need 10 before that happens.

Guardian Basilisks are up the road to Death Pass, and you will need 10 of its blood to make Basilisk Plasma.

And finally the ants, where ants always go, which is the Ants Nest. You will find them inside. If you use the Gludio port to the Ants Nest it takes you right outside one of the entrances. 10 items later you will have Honey Dew. Go back to Clayton in Dion.

7) In Dion, in the dark elf guild give Clayton all of the quest items and he sends you back to the dark elf village to Thifiell.

8) In the dark elf village, Thifiell gives you his letter and tells you to return to your king. He means Hollint back in Oren church.

9) In Oren go to the church and speak with Hollint, and he asks that you talk to Cardinal Seresin, who is fortunately just outside of the church.

If you aren't 38 at this point the quest will stop. She tells you to meet with the dwarves and orcs, how fun! She sends you to the orcs first.

10) The Flame Lord Kakai can be found in the Kings hall, on the second floor. He sends you to see Seer Manakia in Giran. You cannot, at this point, go to the dwarves also. I tried, it won't work.

11) In Giran Seer Manakia is near the first north exit, by the Luxury Shop. He wants you to hunt the Windsus for the parasite of Lota.

12) The Windsus is found up and down Death Pass, you need 10 items. Then go back to Giran to Manakia.

13) Give Manakia the parasites and he will send you back to Orc Town to Kakai.

14) Flame Lord Kakai gives you his trust and now sends you to the dwarves.

15) In dwarf town Lockirin can be found in the Elder Council house. He sends you to find Maestro Nikola near Cruma Tower.

16) Nikola is not too far off the tower itself. He wants you to get him 10 Heartstones of Porta.

17) Inside of Cruma Tower on the first floor, you can find Portas in the first room down the ramp to the right, and if you take a left from there, and another left, there will be a whole room full of them to the right. Be careful because everything is social, the Catheroks AOE stun, and Portas are capable of porting you straight to them, causing you to lose target. You will need last hit, and you'll need help. You only need to kill 10 though. When you have 10 go back to Nikola in the swamp.

18) Nikola thanks you and sends you back to dwarven village to Lockirin.

19) In dwarven village Lockirin gives you his trust and tells you to go back to the elder of your race.

20) Back in Oren castle town with High Priest Hollint, he tells you to go back to High Priest Biotin of Talking Island.

21) On Talking Island Biotin is in the Einhasaad Temple. The quest ends here with the Mark of Trust, 39,571 exp and 2,500 sp.