Testimony of Prosperity

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in the Town of Giran in the Warehouse with Warehouse Keeper Parman. He gives you a stack of things to do and gives you 50 dimensional diamonds.

He defines each step for you.

2) I started with wealth, it's the most annoying so may as well get it over with. This starts in Dwarven Village in the Elder Council Building with First Elder Lockirin. He asks you to talk with everyone else in this same room.

3) Just talk to everyone by turn to get their task.

4) We'll start in the Grocery Shop with Trader Mion. She just hands the money over.

5) Then find Carrier Torocco who is BEHIND the Warehouse. He asks you to pay his fee for him, you don't have much of a choice.

6) At the Weapons and Armor Shop, talk to Trader Shari. She seems like she's going to ask for money but just pays up.

7) At north of town find crazy Maryse Redbonnet. She won't pay right away, she needs 100 animal skins first. So you need to give her these before you can continue.

8) Then it's off to find Miner Bolter, he's outside of town near the Strip Mine. He says he paid and go check with Flaur about it.

Flaur verifies Bolter paid, apparently the only dwarf to have done so.

9) Now the worst one, Master Toma. In CT2 and higher he is always at the North East island. In previous versions he ports between three locations, an island on the northern shores, the NORTH entrance to Mithril Mines right at the entrance (the port doesn't take you there) and in the Abandoned Coal mines, in the room where the spiral stairs at, at the bottom big room. Once you find him, which is normally a huge pain, he pays you with no trouble. Then go back to town to the Elder Council and talk to everyone.

10) Talk to everyone in the room and left Lockrin for last. You will have to pay 5,000 for that dwarf bum that asked you to earlier.

Then talk to Lockrin and get the Mark of Wealth. This is the worst part of the quest, and it's over! Yay!

11) Head back to Gludin and go to the Orc Barracks to talk to Piotur. He gives you the Blessed Seed you need for the next mark of fertile lands, just like that! It's done.

12) Next one starts at the East Gate of Dion with Guard Bright. For some reason your character will suggest more work for yourself and create a bouquet for his mother. Head to the Execution Grounds or Cruma Tower. We'll do EG first.

13) The Mandragora Pits right by Heretics, and you need 20 petals. Any of the mobs called Mandragora work and you need 20 Petals.

14) In Cruma swap find the Giant Crimson Ant West and Northwest ish of the tower to get 10 Crimson Mosses. Then go back to Guard Bright.

15) Bright makes the bouquet, then head a step over to his mother, Emily just inside the gate. She will give you Mark of Fertility.

16) Then it's time to head over to the Warehouse, on Talking Island. Speak to Warehouse Keeper Wilford and answer An Elf More than 1,000 Years Old. Then go to the Einhasad Temple.

17) Talk to Lilith, she calls you all kinds of names but gives you the Mark of Health anyway. Can't really blame her, she just found out her lover was dead after waiting around a thousand years when he was just over in Gludin. Anyway go back to Parman in Giran.

18) Parman asks you to take a second test, so feel free to groan now. He sends you to Cruma Tower swamp to talk to Nikola. If I were you I'd gather up 10 D grade crystals before I went.

19) You can find Nikola in the swamps south west of the Tower entrance. He tells you to find a box in the tower itself.

20) The box is easy to go to, when you port into the tower turn right at the dead end on the ramp, then in the first room go left. If you hug the wall you shouldn't pull much aggro but if you do, pull it OUT of the room before attacking. Everything is crazy social in here. Then down the next hall take a left and the box is there. Talk to it. Then go back to Nikola.

21) Nikola gives you a laundry list of things to gather, fortunately they are ALL in Cruma Swamp. You will need 20 Stakato Shells, 10 Toad Lord Sacs, 10 Spider Thorns, and 10 D-Grade Crystals. The drop rate used to be pretty bad but nowadays it's 1/1, so it should be no problem to gather all the materials in the one hour of newbie buffs.

When you have everything register the Key of Titan recipe and craft the key. Then go back to the box and open it.

22) THEN go back to Giran to the Warehouse, to Parman. You used to earn your Mark of Prosperity, 12,969 exp, and 1,000 sp, while nowadays you also get 108,841 adena as well as much more exp and sp. Grats!