Testimony of Glory

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1) This quest starts at level 37 for Orcs, in the town of Giran with Prefect Vokian. He gives you a list of mobs to kill and gives you 109 dimensional diamonds.

2) You need 10 items from each mob, here are their locations.

3) Back at Vokian, he sends you to Dion to talk to Gandi Chief Chianta.

4) In Dion Chianta is at the Orc Guild and sends you to Gludin.

5) In Gludin in the OrC Guild talk to Kasman and ask about each set of orcs you need to find. In Gracia an arrow appears over you but it does not update the map location.

6) The closest one is in the Orc Barracks with Turek Chief Burai. You can do these in any order.

He spawns 2 Makum Bugbear Thugs on your, kill them both. Then he'll give you the Scepter of Turek.

7) The next one is close to Gludio; close to the Cruma Swamplands port. His name is Vuku Chief Driko. He asks you to hunt and bring back 30 Marsh Stakato Drone husks.

8) The Stakato Drones can be found east and north east of Cruma Tower in the swamp. When you have 30 go back to Driko.

9) Another of the orcs are near the Langk Lizardman Dwellings south of Gludin. Talk to Leunt Chief Harak. His chat calls him Tunath Chief Harak, which is odd since Tunath Orcs are in the Elven Ruins on Talking Island. At any rate he hands over the Scepter with no fuss.

You don't have to, but if you go back to Kasman this is what he says.

10) Go to Giran and talk to Seer Manakia and ask about the Breka and Enku Orcs.

11) Breka Chief Voltar is just north of Giran in the Breka's Stronghold up a few hills where you find Overlords, Warriors and Shamans together.

He spawns his two sons on you, kill them both, get their heads then talk to Voltar again.

Voltar will give you his Scepter.

12) Enku Chief Kepra is near the Monster Track/Hive Fortress.

He spawns 4 Enku Overlords on you, kill them all.

Talk to Kepra again and get the Scepter.

13) Go back to Chianta in Dion and he sends you to get 20 Timak Orc Heads and 20 Tamlin Orc Heads.

14) Tamlin Orcs (archers work too) are east on the path to Hunters Village, the drop rate should be 100% (at least in CT2: Gracia).

Timak Orcs are outside of Oren, any of them work as well but keep away from the Troop Leaders as they will spawn several other mobs to help them.

15) Back in Dion with Chianta, he gives you a Scepter Box and sends you to Orc Village.

16) In Orc Village in The Kings Hall talk to Seer Tanapi, and he sends you to kill Chief (overlord) or Seer Ragna orcs.

17) The Ragna orcs are near the Immortal Plateau Southern Region port and are tucked down in a valley near the mountains. It should only take 1-2 kills for the quest monsters to spawn.

When you kill the quest mobs, Revenant of Tantos Chief you will get another Scepter.

18) Back to Tanapi, he gives you a Ritual box.

19) Go to the floor above and meet with Lord Kakai, who gives you the Mark of Glory, 131,360 adena, 724,113 exp and 48,324 sp.