Testimony of Fate

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in Giran Castle town, in the Dark Elven Guild, with Magister Kaira. She tells you to see Brother Metheus, who is also in Giran. She gives you 98 dimensional diamonds you can trade for town specific SOEs.

2) Brother Metheus is behind the Temple. He asks you to find the remains of his sister in the Execution Grounds where her body hangs from the branches of the Hangman tree.

3) The Hangman trees can be found pretty much all over the Execution Grounds and killing them will get his sisters remains. This quest has you collect even more interesting gross things, trust me. Once you get the item go back to Metheus.

4) Metheus turns out to be fairly creepy and asks you to find him some very strong poison so he can murder Priest Criton, so he can give you someone's skull. See? Creepy. Find master Ixia in Dion Dark Elf Guild.

5) Master Ixia naturally needs a bunch of things before she can make the poison. You need to get 10 of each, blood from a Tyrant in the Wastelands, nightshare root from the stakatos around Cruma, Dead seeker dung (skulls, poop and poison, good times), fluids from the Marsh Spiders, and blood from a Medusa.

The mobs are found in the following locations:

6) Once you have 10 of each head back to Dion and talk to Master Ixia. She gives you the Belladonna and says it's so strong it will kill in one drop, so put it to good use.. ha ha. L2 writers you crack me up. Go back to Metheus in Giran.

7) Metheus takes the poison but before killing anyone with it, he gives you the skull of Alders.

8) Take the skull to Kaira still in Giran and she performs an exorcism! See I told you it gets good. Talk to Alders Spirit and he tells you to talk to his daughter Roa. Lucky you she is also in Giran.

9) Roa is over in the Magic Guild, she doesn't believe you so click the line for "even though you cover it with your hands, the moon still shines". She gives you Alder Receipt and then it's off to Gludin.

10) In Gludin find Warehouse Keeper Norman in the Warehouse. He hands over a book, not asking for anything in return. Yay! Go back to Kaira in Giran.

11)Kaira sends you over to the Dark Elf village to visit Tetrach Thifiell.

12) Thifiell is in the Temple of Shilen, and he sends you off to find Shaman Arkenia at the Initiation Altar (aka Altar of Rites).

13) Witch Arkenia tells you to make some ink which means you have to kill a bunch of mobs. First you have to talk to a Bloody Pixy and a Blight Treant. These can be found all over the dark elf lands, there should be some not too far off the altar.


14) Talk to a Bloody Pixy and she asks you to kill Grandis, Karul Bugbear, Breka Orc Overlord, Leto Lizardman Overlord. It used to be 10 skulls of each, but nowadays you only need one from each species and you always get it on the first kill.


The Pixy's mobs can be found in the following locations:

The Blight Treant only wants a quest item from one mob, a Black Willow Lurker.


The Black Willow Lurker is in the Swamp in the Dark Elven lands and is marked QUEST so don't confuse it with the other trees out there.

15) Return the items to the Bloody Pixy and Blight Treant and they will give you the ingrediants for the Scarlet Ink. Then go back to Arkenia.


16) Back at the Altar of Rites, Arkenia does the ceremony and sends you back to Dark Elf village to Thifiell.

17) With this the quest finally ends. You used to receive the Mark of Fate, 68,183 exp and 1,750 SP, while nowadays it's Mark of Fate, 123,854 adena, 682,735 exp and 45,562 SP.