Test of the War Spirit

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1) This quest starts in the Town of Dion with Seer Somak who is in the Orc Guild. You get 92 dimensional diamonds and a whole lot of talking where you find out you need to find and return with a lot of dead body parts. The in game quest steps stop at this point and do not update at all until the very end. You can do the items in any order you'd like.

2) I started in Gludio at the Orc Guild with Seer Racoy. He sends you to Priestess Vivyan who is in the same town in the temple.

3) Vivyan tells you where Kiruna's remains may be and sends you to the Wasteland.

4) At the southern entrance to the Wasteland find Trader Sarien who is right at the Wasteland port spot from Gludin Village, and he tells you to kill soldier ants, but if you look at the quest item he gives you he means Noble Ants.

5) Noble ants are found around the entrances to the queens room, they are not aggro. You will need last hit to get the quest item. All the parts seemed to be 100% drop rate except the skull which took me several ants more to get. A party or a good deal of buffs, healing potions and shots will be needed. When you have all 5 parts return to Racoy.

6) Racoy gives you Kiruna's Remains.

7) The next one starts with Shadow Orim who is in Death Pass against one of the big rocks there. He wants you to go to the Cruma Tower and get 10 quest items EACH from Excuro, Mordeo, and Porta.

8) All of them can be found on the first floor of the tower - Excuro and Portas can be found in the first room to the right, there is a room entirely filled with Portas if you turn left from that first room, left, and then right across from the Titan's Box. The Mordeos are in the hallway at the opposite end of the Porta room.

Rate is 100% and you will need last hit. Remember that Cruma Tower is a tough place for D-grade, so it's better to have some help. Fortunately, the quest has been changed so you get the drops much faster: 2 items from each Porta, 5 items from each Mordeo and 5 items from each Excuro.


When you get 10 of each item go back to Orim.

9) Orim gives you Braki's Remains.

10) In Giran in the Orc Guild talk to Seer Manakia and tells you to get the remains from the Medusas and the Gorgon Queen Stenoa.

11) Medusas will give you all parts except the Skull.

Stenoa Gorgon Queen will give you the skull. Then go back to Manakia.

12) Manakia give you Hermodt's Remains.

13) In Oren at the Orc Guild talk to Seer Pekiron and he says to hunt Leto Lizardman Shamans and Chief (he means Overlords).

14) They can be found at the Plains of the Lizardmen, when you get the 5 items go back to Pekiron.

15) Pekiron gives you Tonar's Remains. Go back to Dion.

16) Seer Somak in Dion tells you to hunt Tamlin Orcs to bring 13 of their head for Ancestor Martankus.

17) The drop rate is 100% and the archers drop the parts too. When you have 13 to back to Somak.

18) Somak tells you to go to Martankus and ask him to go through the Trial but don't worry, he doesn't make you do anything else.

19) Teleport from Orc Village to the Cave of Trials and find Ancestor Martankus; he will give you the Mark of Warspirit, 80903 adena, 447,444 exp and 30,704 sp (old reward was 63,483 exp and 17,500 exp).