Test of the Summoner

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1) This quest starts in Gludin Village in the Magic Shop with High Summoner Galatea. She gives you 122 dimensional diamonds and sends you to the Town of Dion.

2) In Dion go to the Grocery Store and talk to Trader Lara to create your Arcana Cards.

Here are all the lists and you can pick whatever seems easiest. I recommend doing the 1st or 2nd list. The 5th list is completely out of the question as noble ants are deep in The Ant Nest (literally right outside of the Queens room) and no herbs drop in there. If you don't like the list she gives you, go into your quest inventory and throw it away, and ask for a new one. Keep in mind the items don't drop every mob, the first two lists should allow you to get the items the fastest. There are 2 mobs per list, and you need 30 items per mob. So plan on killing at least 3 times that amount. Plan on at least 30 mins per set of 30 items. In the case of the breka orcs or leto lizardman, ANY of them will drop the item, so that makes it a little easier.

3) Here are the mobs and locations for all the mobs on the list. When you get all the quest items go back to Lara.

4) Lara will take the quest items and give you 2 Beginner Arcana cards. You need 6 in total to challenge the other summoners. When you have enough cards, you can find the summoners.

5) First, when you are speaking to the summoners you will see a new buff on your buff bar and see the following message in system chat. When this kicks on, summon your pet right away. This allows you to have a much shorter recharge time on your pet than normal, about a minute instead of hours. The buff doesn't last long so pay attention.

The fights themselves are easy, even unbuffed you should only need to heal once, if that. Especially if you use beast shots, it will be no problem. Attack the summoners servitor ONLY WITH YOUR PET. You need to start the fight, the other servitor will not start until you do. You can do these in any order. I did the full dialog of one of them, and the rest just the short version. All fights work the same.

Summoner Basilla.

When the fight is over, talk to the summoner to get their card.

Here are the rest of the locations.

Summoner Almors

Summoner Celestiel

Summoner Belthus

Summoner Camoniell

Summoner Brynthea

6) When you have all 6 Arcana Cards go back to High Summoner Galatea in Gludin's Magic Shop and receive the Mark of Summoner, 148,409 exp

and 30,000 sp.

7) Then when you hit 40 go the grandmaster in a magic guild to switch your class (like Grand Master Jurek in Giran's Magic Guild) if you are a human or light elf, dark elves need to find a Magic Guild.