Test of the Searcher

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in Hunters Village in the Warrior Guild with Master Luther. He will give you 82 Dimensional Diamonds, which will come in handy for several scrolls to Floran, at the least. He sends you to Captain Alex, in Floran Village.

2) Captain Alex is at the exit of the village east. He tells you to find Militia Leirynn.

3) Militiaman Leirynn is just outside of the village, she asks you to kill 10 Delu lizardmen Shamans. You can find these mobs literally steps from Leirynn.

When you start attacking one, a Quest Monster called Neer Bodyguard will spawn. They are social to the Shamans, and although they don't always attack on spawn, if you start walking away they will aggro you. When you have the 10 items, which should be 1 per mob, go back to Leirynn.

Leirynn gives you the old "one more thing" line and asks you to find Delu Chief Kalkis.

Kalkis is east of Floran and is surrounded by 4-5 Delu Lizardman Warriors that are social. When you kill him go back to Leirynn again.

She sends you back to Captain Alex.

4) Alex tells you a story about gold bars and sends you to Gludio to find Borys.

5) Drunkard Borys is behind the Blacksmith Building and he sends you to a dark elf named Tyra to get him some wine. Go to the dark elf village and port to the Spiders Nest.

6) Trader Tyra is literally steps away from this port, and sends you to the Sea of Spores to get some things for her.

7) Go to Oren and port Sea of Spores and enter through the buildings. The pin shows the center of Sea of Spores, but the Giant Fungus you need are just through the force field and not anywhere near the center of the Sea. You need 10 items and they should drop every mob. When you have them return to Tyra.

8) Tyra gives you the wine to give to Borys. Go back to Gludio to give it to him.

9) Give Borys the wine, and note that his name in the chat is now "The Drunken Fool Boris". Ha ha. He tells you to find Bodyguard Jax near the Wastelands.

10) If you go to Gludin and use the Wastelands port, Bodyguard Jax is right there. He asks you to bring back some maps by hunting Hangman Trees and Road Scavengers.

11) Hangman Trees are in the Execution Grounds near Dion, once you get 4 of the 2nd Torn Map Pieces it will turn into a whole piece of map.

Then do the same with the Road Scavengers, all along Death Pass road. When you have both maps to back to Jax in the Wasteland.

12) Jax gives you a map that marks where the gold is. It's a bit north of Floran Village.

13) The tree is noticable because it is much lighter green than the other trees, and can be targeted as "Tree". Speak to it like a regular NPC.

A strong Wooden Chest will spawn nearby, double click on it. I clicked on the quest option, not sure if open lock is different

. You will earn 20 Gold Bars. Go back to Alex in Floran.

14) Alex writes you a letter of recommendation to give you Master Luther back in Hunters Village.

15) Go to Hunters Village and talk to Master Luther to receive Mark of Searcher, 37,831 exp and 18,750 sp (nowadays you also get 80,903 adena as well as much more exp and sp). Then visit the Master for your class to switch to your final class choice.