Test of the Reformer

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1. The quest begins at Giran castle town with Priestess Pupina. She sends you off to collect 7 scroll pieces at the Execution Grounds. You will get 60 dimension diamonds at this point too, more than enough to use to port to every town. Trade them at the gatekeepers in town.

2.The mobs you want are called Nameless Revenant and they can be found in the pit in the Execution Grounds. It's up the first set of steps you see when you enter EG from the Dion area, then the stairs on the upper level, then a straight run from those stairs down the hill where you see a huge pit. Hard to miss.

3. The quest says to collect 7 pieces but the second mob actually spawns at 6. The Nameless have what seems like a very large social aggro range so you can easily pull them all at once. They are super slow and rarely cast so it's not a big deal, just something to be aware of. You get a quest piece for every mob. The mob that spawns at 6 pieces is called Aruraune

and looks like a Mandragora. She hits HARD so if you are wearing robes just watch your hp. She gives the quest item, Huge Nail.

4. Head back to Pupina at Giran church.

5. She sends you off to find Preacher Sla in the wastelands, only she's not in the wastelands, she's near the Plains of Dion port.


6. If you mess up answering her questions just do it again. She tells you to find Katari near the waterfall by the neutral zone. She's more northish of the w in waterfall than "near" it. I suggest trading some diamonds for a scroll to Dwarf town here, as well as Orc town.

7. Immediately after you speak to her, two mobs spawn. One is called Ol Mahum Pilgrim, this one will be attacking the Ol Mahum Inspector. DO NOT attack the Pilgrim, attack the Inspector. The Pilgrim doesn't even have a health bar so that should be your first tip off.

8. Talk to Katari again. This time an Ol Mahum Betrayer spawns and begins to run away. Root him before he gets too far then kill him.

9. Talk to Katari. You will receive her letter and letter of betrayer. If you happen to mess this up at all, to start over you have to kill the Pilgrim then speak to Katari again.

10. Back to Sla near the Plains of Dion. She sends you off to Orc land to find Kakan. The town specific SOE would be great here.

11. Kakan is not far off from the Southern Immortal Plateau port, use it.

12. A Crimson Werewolf quest mob spawns and starts to fight with the Pilgrim. Kakan says something cryptic about using magic or taking him out with one blow. I'm not sure what that means but in old guides it says to only use magic to attack the werewolf, however I just attacked it with a weapon and it was fine. Again if you mess up, kill the Pilgrim and do it over.

13. Talk to Kakan.

14. She tells you to visit Nyakuri over in dwarf town. Town specific SOE for the win again. She's just a short walk out the NE exit heading towards the coal mine. Tell her you'll fight.

15. Then help attack the Krudel Lizardman. With the help of the Pilgrim, he's easy.

16. Once you win, which you definitely should, she tells you to find Ramus on Talking Island. Port back to Gludin, and either boat, port or you could swim and SOE, to Talking Island. OR better use, town specific SOE! Ramus is by the Singing Waterfall and you can port right there from the gatekeeper.

17. He tells you to hunt skeleton archers, skeleton lord, skeleton marksman, misery skeleton, and silent horror. All of these mobs can be found in the Elven Ruins which is a short walk from the waterfalls. Port into the ruins and the mobs can all be easily found within the first few rooms, and should be dark blue to you. They all drop the same quest piece, which is Bone Fragment, but you will end up with 5 different ones like this.

18. Then head back to Ramus.

19. He sends you back to Sla at ,the Plains of Dion where the quest ends. You earn Mark of Reformer, 164,032 exp and 17,500 SP