Test of the Lord

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1) This quest starts in the Orc Village with Flame Lord Kakai in the Kings Hall. He tells you to talk to 5 other chiefs to earn the 5 items he requires. I'd like to note that 3 of the other chiefs are in the Kings Hall as well, one on each ramp up to where Kakai is and one just in front of him to the right. You will receive 92 dimensional diamonds.

2) I'm going to list what you need to do for each chief individually; you may want to combine steps as some center on the same towns/areas. Gandi Chief Chianta is in Dion in the Orc Guild. He asks you to defeat Enchanted Monster Eyes which are found under Ivory Tower.

3) You need 20 of the corneas but it's 100% drop so it shouldn't take a lot of time.

Then go back to Chianta and receive one of the items needed for Kakai.

4) Urutu Chief Hatos is in the Orc Town Kings Hall and asks you to get 10 skulls from the Timak Orcs and get the blade of Urutu. The blade is easiest to get so we'll do that first.

5) Go to Blacksmith Sumari also in Orc town and he sends you to Dion to talk to Seer Somak.

6) Somak is in the Orc Guild in Dion, he gives you the blade with no trouble.

7) Then head over to the Oren area to kill Timak orcs, any of them should work but avoid the Timak Troop Leaders as they summon several other mobs to help them. Once you have 10 go to Hatos again.

8) Hatos gives you the Sword into Skull.

9) In Oren at the Orc guild find Duda-Mara Chief Takuna. He wants 10 Marsh Spider feelers AND legs from the Cruma Swamp area. So 20 items total.

10) The Marsh Spiders can be found close to Cruma Tower, the way it seemed to work is you get all the FEELERS first, then the "feet" (not legs). So you should get 10 feelers, then the 10 feet will drop.

11) Go back to Takuna and you will receive the Handiwork Spider Brooch.

12) Neruga Chief Tantus is in the Orc Village Kings Hall, he wants 1,000 bone arrows and Trader Jakal has the blade.

13) The trader is also in the Orc town in the Weapons and Armor shop, he wants 1,000 adena for the blade, pay it. You should also go buy the 1,000 bone arrows if you don't have them already at the Grocery Shop.

14) Tantus gives you the Axe of Ceremony.

15) Atuba Chief Varkees is in the Orc Town Kings Hall, he tells you to go to Giran to find Seer Manakai.

16) Seer Manakai is in the Orc Guild in Giran and asks you to bring 20 Breka Orc Fangs.

17) You get the quest items from Breka Orc Shamans and Overlords, the best place for them is on the map below. When you have 20 go back to Manakai.

18) Manakai sends you back to Varkees.

19) Varkees gives you the Huge Orc Fang. Now head over to Kakai again.

20) Flame Lord Kakai gives you the old, 'great now we have more to do' stuff but fortunately it's really easy. He sends you to Martankus in the Cave of Trials.

21) Martankus is the big bunch of heads at this location on the map in the Cave of Trials. You can port right to the entrance. He asks you to kill Ragna orcs.

22) You can find Ragna Orc Seers south of the Cave of Trials, they will be white to you at level 40. I had to kill the two I found at this location to get the quest items. You will get the notice on the first kill and the head on the second.

23) Back at Martankus he gives you the Immortal Flame and asks if you want to meet the First Orc.

This part is a little buggy. The First Orc will appear but he despawns within a few seconds. So if you click on him to talk, within maybe 10 seconds he will despawn and whatever dialog you have open will close. However if you speak to Martankus again, the First Orc will spawn again so you can do it several times to read everything the First Orc has to say.

24) Then return to Kakai and receive Mark of Lord, 92,955 exp and 16,250 sp.