Test of the Healer

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1) The final quest for healer type classes starts in the Einhasad Temple at Giran with Priest Bandellos. He tells you to visit Perrin at Gludin Harbor.

2) Perrin can be found up a hill near the harbor, and asked for the NPC's favorite amounts, which is 100k. The only option is to tell him no.

He then spawns a quest monster named Tatoma on you, which should be no trouble to defeat.

He admins that Allana is a fake saint and you head off to visit her.

3) She's not that far off from Perrin and she sends you over the the Orphange near Gludio.

4) At the orphanage you will speak to Father Gupu who asks if you'll donate that magical 100k amount. Now I know no one wants to pay that, so I did just to see what would happen. From old guides it looks like if you don't pay it you skip the whole Windy part, but this quest is so amazingly linear the difference in steps shouldn't be a problem. He tells you to find Windy.

5) (optional if you paid 100k) Use the Gludio port to the Ants Nest and Windy Shaoring is not too far from that. She gives you Windy's Pebbles that her monster friends gave her. Head back to Father Gupu at the Gludio orphanage.

6) Father Gupu sends you to find Sorius in the town of Gludio; he's in the warrior guild.

7) At the warrior guild find Sorius and he tells you to find Daurin Hammercrush at the Turek Orc Barracks.

8) Daurin Hammercrush is standing against a fence right in one of the smaller orc camps. After you talk to him three Leto Lizardmen will spawn.

The leader has the quest item but they will all aggro when you attack one. If you have sleep and root I would suggest sleeping one first since it's so slow, root another, run and kill the third then go back to the others.

Daurin tells you to find the obelisk in the Dark Forest to stop a ritual.

9) The obelisk is near the Spiders nest port and right near the Necropolis of Devotion. Basically you speak to the Mysterious Elf several times and she spawns three set of mobs. The first are three dagger Leto Lizardmen, then three Lizardmen archers, then an overlord and two shamans. You may want to bring a helper with but it should be soloable with decent gear and shots.

10) Find the real Saint Kristina a little south east of where you were. She sends you back to Gludio to talk to Master Sorius again.

11) Back in Gludio Master Sorius takes the info from Kristina and sends you back to the start, to Giran castle town and Priest Bandellos.

12) Speak to Bandellos back in the Giran Temple and give him the Golden Statue. He will give you the Mark of Healer, 134,839 exp and 50,000 sp.

The CT2 rewards are as follows:

Then head over to High Priest Maximilian and ask about the second class change quest to switch to your final class.