Test of the Duelist

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By EllieBelly

1) This quest, which can be picked up at lvl 39, starts in Oren in the Warrior Guild with Duelist Kaien. The whole thing just involves killing mobs all over the place. The drop rate is 100% which you will appreciate as you start on the list, which includes Punchers, Noble Ant Leaders, Marsh Stakato Drones, Dead Seekers, Leto Lizardman Overlords, Fettered Souls, Enchanted Monster Eyes, Tamrin Orcs, Tamlin Orc Archers, and Breka Orc Overlords.

2) The mobs and their locations, you will need 10 of each item and like I mentioned, it's 100% drop rate as long as you get last hit. The only I feel I should give a special note to are the Noble Ant Leaders. They are right outside of the Ant queen's room, they are aggro though the Noble Ants are not. This is very hard, you will either need a party, or truckloads of healing pots, shots, and buffs. The respawn rate where these mobs are is extremely fast. Most of these mobs will be white or yellow to you at 40, so be prepared!

In Freya, the Leto Lizardmen will be moved to the northeastern corner of the Plains of the Lizardmen, to the place marked with a (1) on the map. After the update it will be safer to teleport to Hunters Village and walk the short distance from there. The Plains of the Lizardmen teleportation arrival point from Oren is on the southern edge of the Plains. If you arrived there, you would have to make your way through monsters of lvl 82+ to reach the Leto Lizardman Overlords.

3) After all that go back to Kaien and he gives you some more mobs to kill. Same thing as before only 3 items per mob, 100%, last hit.

4) Here are the mobs and locations. The Lakin are probably the only ones that are hard to find even with a map. If you come through the tunnel that is east of Hunters Village, heading towards the village, just as you get out of the tunnel, run south and hug along the mountain range until you are on the word "Catacomb" on the map for Catacomb of the Forbidden Path. They are mixed in with the drakes and spiders. I suggest taking help in some form (buffs, shots, pots or a party), also for the mobs in the Cruma Tower, the Krators and Excuros.

5) Then back to Kaien again and you're done! You used to receive the Mark of Duelist, 47,015 exp and 20,000 SP.

Nowadays you get the Mark of Duelist, 447,444 exp, 30,704 SP and 80,903 adena.

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