Test of the Champion

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1) This quest starts at level 39 for Orcs, in the town of Giran with Veteran Ascalon who is next to the Weapons Shop. He sends you to Mason in Dion and gives you 64 dimensional diamonds.

2) Mason is behind an empty building in Dion by the Warehouse. He wants you to kill Bloody Axe Elites and bring back 10 of their heads.

3) Bloody Axe Elites can be found just over the river from Dragon Valley near Antharas Fortress. They should be easy though when you are fighting one, more seems to spawn in the same area and immediately aggro. When you have 10 heads go back to Mason.

4) Mason sends you back to Ascalon.

5) Ascalon sends you to Groot who is also in Giran in the Magic Shop.

6) Trader Groot gives you a list of mobs to get things from.

7) He wants 30 of each item but the mobs drop 2-3 at a time so it's not too bad. The Harpies also sometimes spawn one or more Quest monsters called Harpy Matriarch which also drops the items.

8) Back at Groot, he sends you to Ascalon again.

9) Ascalon gives you more things to kill, and it's too bad you can't just punch him right in the face at this point. Anyway he sends you to Oren to talk to Captain Mouen.

10) Captain Mouen is near the south exit of Oren and asks you to kill Road Scavengers and bring back 10 heads.

11) Road Scavengers are along the Death Pass road and sometimes a Quest Monster called Road Collector also shows up and aggros you. All it does is make getting the items faster so it's kind of nice assuming you have at least a few health pots to deal with the added mobs.

12) When you have 10 go back to Mouen and he turns out to be a jerk like Ascalon and give you more mobs to kill.

13) You need 10 fangs and any Leto Lizardman should work though I did stay away from the Plains group mobs.

14) Mouen sends you back to Ascalon.

15) Ascalon rewards you with 114,882 adena, Mark of Champion, 635,371 exp and 43,600 sp. In versions prior to CT2 Gracia, there is no adena and much less exp/sp.