Test of Sagittarius

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1) This quest starts at level 39, in Hunters Village with Guild President Bernard. You can target him right off the gatekeeper; he's up the stairs to the left of the gatekeeper in the first hut. He tells you to go meet the great archer Hamil in Floran Village.

2) Hamil is just outside of Floran Village, and you will be back here many, many times. He sends you to find Sir Aaron Tanford in the Wasteland. (it's actually spelled Sir Aron Tanford in game)

3) Sir Aron Tanford can be found in the south Wasteland area near the Mahum Checkpoint.

He doesn't really give you a clear cut thing to do, but you need to go in The Ant Nest and kill any ants, until you get 10 quest items, it should be called Hunter's 1st Rune. Port from Gludio to Ants Nest and you are right at an entrance. When you get 10 items go back to Sagittarius Hamil in Floran.

4) In Floran, Hamil tells you the Breka Orcs are evil and to go talk to Prefect Vokian in Giran.

5) Vokian is just inside the first north exit by the Luxury Shop. He tells you to tell all the Breka Orc Overlords and Breka Orc Shamans.

I don't think the quest is real clear about this part either, you need to kill the shamans and overlords and you will get quest items Hunters 2nd Rune, and when you get 10 you will also get the Talisman of Snake. When you have that it's back to Giran to Vokian.

6) In Giran Vokian talks about a Crescent Arrow, but sends you first to Magister Gauen in Ivory Tower.

7) Gauren is on the elf floor (3rd) in Ivory Tower. He tells you he needs item to recreate the Crescent Arrow (I think they all mean BOW) and gives you a big list of things to kill and collect. You only need 1 item from each mob though.

The closest one is in the pit under Ivory Tower, the Manashen Gargoyle. They stun like crazy so be careful.

The next closest is the Road Scavenger, which are found up and down the Death Pass road.

The rest of the mobs are found in Cruma Swamp. Once you have your list of items go back to Ivory Tower and speak with Gauren again.

8) Magister Gauren creates a Cresent BOW and reminds you that it's so noobish you can only use wooden arrows with it. So make sure you get some and go back to Hamil in Floran again.

9) Back in Floran with Hamil once again, he gives you more mobs to kill. He tells you to kill Leto Lizardman, any of them it doesn't matter. He tells you to use the Cresent arrow on Commander Kadesh when he appears, but again it's not an arrow it's a BOW. He tells you not to use any other method or skill. It takes so long to summon him I didn't dare try anything else.

10) South of Oren in the Plains of the Lizardmen, you can kill any Leto Lizardmen to start collecting the quest items. I suggest hunting the Leto Lizardmen and Leto Archers because they are easiest, the ones in the fields with the Bloody Axe Elite. The old quest guide says Kadesh will show up after 100 quest items (one per mob) up to 130 items. I got him at 121 items. You have to kill at least 100 Leto Lizardmen so stock up on supplies and make sure you have enough wooden arrows (50 should be plenty). When Serpent Demon Kadesh appears, he will not be aggro. EQUIP THE CRESENT BOW and attack him. I used power shot during this and it didn't cause any problems. If you do it right you will get Talisman of Kadesh. Then go back to Sagittarius Hamil in Floran for the last time.

11) Speak with Hamil in Floran and receive your Mark of Sagitarius, 54,726 exp and 20,250 sp. When you hit 40 you can speak with the head of a Warrior Guild (such as the one in Oren) and inquire about the 2nd class change, and then switch to Hawkeye.