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Tetrarch Talloth

Talloth is one of the four Tetrarchs taking care of the day-to-day affairs of the Dark Elves, the other three being Kaitar, Thifiell (the primus inter pares) and Vellior.

Quests Available

Will the Seal be Broken?


"May the authority of Gran Kain command the world.

I am Tetrarch Talloth of the Dark Elves -- heir of the dark Runsord Vellisark and the royal knight of Hierarch Mitraell. I am the envoy of Gran Kain who leads the hosts of darkness to the battlefield.

A thousand years have passed since Mitraell was sealed away by the wicked schemes of Wizards in the Ivory Tower. I have been staying at this place where he lies, and have cared for his safety and guarded him from danger ever since. When he is free, we will gain victory over the dark temple and rule the continent once more."

(Ask about Hierarch Mitraell)

"Hierarch Mitraell is our leader who rules the entire clan. He is the Sorcerer who inherited the secrets of black magic from the powerful Dasparion. He also holds the ultimate magical power, due to a Contract with the Drevanul.

When the war with the Elves of light was at its height, Human Mystics took sides with the Elves of light and cast strong sealing spells of Mitraell. Because of this, the morale of our forces was broken, and just as we were about to win the war, we had no choice but to retreat. Our Hierarch was a political leader, but also the central source of the black magic used by our race. Losing that power meant that our magic was greatly weakened.

We four Tetrachs all server Mitraell in the past and we are constantly looking for a way to undo his seal. The seal will be broken someday, let there be no doubt!"