Supply Check

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By EllieBelly

1) This one-time quest, which can be picked up at lvl 2, starts at the south west entrance to the Kamael Village and all steps are in the town itself. Speak to Zerstorer (German for "Destroyer") Marcela and choose Supply Check, as she has two available quests. She tells you to go to Warehouse Keeper Benis.

2) In the Warehouse, Benis gives you a Warehouse Manifest you are to bring to Marcela.

3) Marcela sends you to Trader Nika at the Grocery store.

4) Nika sends you back to Marcela.

5) Marcela rewards you with a Wooden Breastplate, Leather Shoes, Wooden Helmet, Gloves and Wooden Gaiters. No other starter quest anywhere rewards this well.

Apart from a complete Wooden Light Armor set that gives you +2% P.Def. and +41 HP, this quest also sends you to the Newbie Guide for additional exp and SP.