Sir Klaus Vasper

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Sir Klaus Vasper

Sir Klaus Vasper stands in front of the Warrior Guild in Gludin Village. He is the first son of the Vasper family, and is a member of the Continental Knights League, knighted by King Amadeo Cadmus.


"Greetings. I am Klaus Vasper, first son of the Vasper family that has protected the province of Gludio for five generations, and member of the glorious Continental Knights League, knighted by King Cadmus as the Guardian Knight of the west.

The romance of chivarly sung by wandering minstrels is forgotten in these ages and we Knights are scorned as relics of the old age. However, we are successors of a great legacy that has continued for over one thousand years since the age of empires, and we endure the rebukes and scorns of the worldly people and do not lose our pride for a moment as we silently stand our righeous war. "

Quests Available

Path of the Human Knight

Quest Appearances

Test of Witchcraft