Sir Kiel Nighthawk

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Sir Kiel Nighthawk

Sir Kiel Nighthawk is a Dark Elf member of the Griffon Knights (sometimes also spelled Gryphon Knights or Griffon Knight union), a gurd unit whose duty it is to protect Giran Castle and its neighbourhood from Antharas and the creatures of Devil's Island. Usually the Griffon Knights can be found in the Warrior Guild at Giran, but Nighthawk is at present in the Dark Elf Guild at Dion to investigate what is behind the death of Sir Talianus who is said to have been captured and killed by rebels during the Floran Peasants' Uprising, having been commissioned by King Cadmus to write a report about the cause and effects of that event.

Another famous Dark Elf member of the Griffon Knights is Shiken Gloomdrake, also called Shikken, who later became a companion of Abyss Saint Elcardia.


Quest Appearances

Trial of Duty