Silver Scale Guild

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The Silver Scale (or Silver Scales) Guild specializes in trade between the different races, they are experts in negotiation and diplomacy. While other races like Orcs or Humans go to war for honour or political gain, the Dwarves of the Silver Scale Guild believe in commerce and profit as the most efficient way to gain influence and power. Of course, profit is not in trivial daily necessities, but in gold and silver, jewelry and magic items, and above all in weaponry. Among the customers of the Silver Scale Guild are the aristocracy and powerful families from many kingdoms. In dealing with them, the guild members seek not only profit but also keep their eyes and ears open for information: are there political changes brewing that might affect trade? Do greedy neighbours have their eye on some place's wealth and get a notion to invade, pilfering and looting the guild's property? To prevent anything untoward happening, the guild has allotted funds to hire and train mercenaries to protect their property and business abroad.

There is no place the Silver Scale Guild does not dare go. Even to the Wasteland in Gludio Territory they dispatched a trader with a cart full of magical potions to cater to the adventurers hunting the monsters roaming this area. Although opening a mobile shop out in the wilds is not the safest thing to do, there was a fierce competition in the guild for this assignment, which was in the end won by trader Rolento. But staying out there all by himself Rolento sort of lost his judgement. When an Ol Mahum general came to him and told him that he wanted to make the poor suffering Turek Orcs a gift of hunting weapons so that they could hunt wild hogs and would not be starving in the hard winter, he actually believed him. Rolento should have known about the mild sea climate in the Gludin area, but he nevertheless drew up a weapons trade contract - after all he had no prejudices, neither against Ol Mahum nor against Orcs. This contract was later retrieved by an adventurer from said Ol Mahum general and gave the whole Silver Scale Guild a bad name. When Rolento realized what he had done, he devised a plan to sow discord between the Ol Mahum and the Turek Orcs. He gave a cargo box full of worthless brass weapons, easily to be mistaken for bronze swords, to the adventurer who had discovered the trade contract, handed him the mark of the Silver Scale Guild, so that the man could operate as an official representative of the guild, and sent him to Burai, chief of the Turek. The adventurer should tell the Orc chief that the Ol Mahum intended to betray him and speak to him about the attack directives he had found on a slain Ol Mahum general. Rolento's plan worked and the Acts of Evil could be stopped.

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