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Shilen is the oldest child of Einhasad and Gran Kain. She was originally given charge of water, assuming the shape of a being that in some languages is called "naga" while in other languages the spelling is "snake". Shilen's father, Gran Kain was the least intelligent of all gods. He went and seduced his daughter, conducting an affair with her and at first successfully avoiding the eyes of his wife, Einhasad, until Shilen became pregnant. When Einhasad found out, she became enraged. Stripping her daughter of her position as water goddess, Einhasad ordered Shilen banished from the abode of the gods. Gran Kain turned his back on the situation and Shilen was left to deal with her fate alone. The position of water goddess was given by Einhasad to her youngest daughter Eva.

While pregnant, Shilen fled to the east. Deep in the middle of a dark forest, she gave birth - cursing Einhasad and Gran Kain with each excruciating labor pain. The children born of Shilen's horrible labor bore the despair and anger of her curses and became demons. Among them, the strongest creatures were called "Dragons". There were a total of six Dragons born with curses against the six gods:
- Antharas, the Dragon of Earth
- Valakas, the Dragon of Fire
- Fafurion, the Dragon of Water
- Lindvior, the Dragon of Wind
- Aulakiria, the Dragon of Light
- Bael-Zael, the Dragon of Darkness

Shilen was filled with wrath towards Einhasad who had banished her, and towards Gran Kain who had seduced and then abandoned her, and her siblings who did not help her in her hour of need. Gathering the strength of her children, Shilen created an army to punish the gods. The Six Dragons, strongest among the demons, were ordered to be at the front of the army to fight against the gods. Hearing this, Aulakiria, the Dragon of Light, looked at Shilen with sad eyes and spoke: "Mother, you don't know what you are doing. Do you really want the eternal destruction of the gods? Do you really want your father, mother and siblings to fall down on the ground in pools of their own blood?"

Her appeal did not change Shilen's mind, and the demons invaded the palace of the gods. A fierce battle ensued, with the Six Dragons destroying everything in their path. Even the gods were intimidated by the incredible power of the Dragons. The battle seemed destined to continue forever. Yet, if the war did not stop, the world would cease to exist, and all living things would be annihilated. Numerous angels and demons were destroyed or fled in fear. Every day there was thunder and lightning, as strong forces clashed violently in the sky. The Giants and the other living creatures of earth trembled as they observed the terrible fight.

The fierce battle continued for several years, and eventually the balance gradually tilted towards one side. In spite of suffering many injuries, Einhasad and Gran Kain had stronger powers and destroyed many demons. The Dragons kept fighting, even though they were deeply wounded and riddled with scars. Their fatigue became more and more apparent, and after a time it seemed like the war would come to an end with the extermination of Shilen's army. Finally the Dragons spread their wings and flew to the earth to escape. The surviving demons followed. The gods wanted to kill the retreating army. However, due to their own injuries, all they could do was watch as the Dragons and and other demons departed.

As Shilen's creatures perished one by one and the war was lost, Shilen could not stand her sadness. She retreated to the east, created the Underworld and ruled over it. Deeply embittered, Shilen, who had a lot of her father Gran Kain, the God of Destruction, plotted revenge. In the course of time she created many different magical beings of hideous shape and utterly evil behavior, whom she controlled with Dark Bezoars, also known as Abyss Runestones, artificially created crystals implanted in their bodies.

In order to prevent her daughter from destroying everything she had created at the beginning of time, Einhasad eventually sealed up Shilen in the Underworld, using up most of her power in the process and becoming effectively helpless herself. Therefore she sent her youngest child, Anakim, down to the earth, having her approach Shunaiman, the mightiest ruler of the time, and bestow on him divine power, power he was to use to fight Shilen's troops, the Lilim, and reinforce her imprisonment in the Underworld.

In the course of time, Shunaiman cast seven seals, the Seal of Gnosis, the Seal of Avarice, the Seal of Strife, the Seal of Awakening, the Seal of Vengeance, the Seal of Calamity, and the Seal of Descent. That effectively prevented Shilen from leaving the Underworld, and she fell into a deep sleep. The power of those Seven Seals could only be controlled by Shunaiman's direct descendants. After his bloodline came to an end with Baium and Frintezza, however, the Age of Chaos broke out. Two major factions, the Lords of Dawn and the Revolutionaries of Dusk were striving for control of the Seals until eventually four of the seven Seals were broken. The fifth Seal has also become unstable, and Shilen, who has slept in the Darkness for so long, is opening her eyes.

Just having regained consciousness, Shilen's first and foremost objective is to find a way to remove the Seal that is imprisoning her soul. To remove the Seal, the power of Einhasad must be removed, and for that a huge Sacrificial Ceremony is required. In a first step, Shilen lets in the darkness that has been created by her followers in the Catacombs and Necropoli rise a blood red moon, the "Moon of Shilen", which serves her as eye. With the Moon of Shilen she is surveying the world, assiduously searching for "sacrificial animals" which are suitable to be slaughtered in order to achieve her resurrection. No-one can hide from Shilen's probing eye. Under a sky dyed blood red, fear and terror are creeping into the world, unrest starts to spread in Aden and Elmore.

The first on the continent to realize that Shilen is stirring again are the Dark Elves. They know from Kaysha's Revelation that the appearance of the Moon of Shilen, sacrifices performed in the Catacombs and Necropoli, and the blood red sky are all signs and portents for the imminent resurrection of Shilen. They are now returning to their Village, gathering in the Temple in big assemblies and praying for the advent of their goddess.

Among all the other races, the Moon of Shilen is causing an eery tension, an unspeakable trepidation. King Amadeo Cadmus of Aden, at the moment the mightiest ruler on the continent, can not help but notice what is going on among his subjects. Carrying the burden of responsibility for all of them, he summons the most famous scholars of the continent to the royal castle at Aden and charges them with conducting research on the goddess of death. At the same time he is organizing an army which shall oppose the approaching forces of Shilen. Amadeo Cadmus is coming to realize that the endeavors to analyze the behavior of the goddess are quite futile.

In that situation the great magician Einhovant, who is by now several hundred years old, appears and predicts that the continent will have to repeatedly undergo bitterness and pain. But Einhovant also says that if some persons could obtain the power of the Giants, who had once challenged the gods and dared to fight with them on an even footing, the destruction of the world might be delayed. He suggests that the heroes of Aden and Elmore immediately start seeking the power of the Giants.

Although Einhovant is a mage of great renown, there is something vaguely disquieting about the old man. King Amadeo Cadmus is carefully pondering his suggestion, sitting there sunk deep in thought. Then Einhovant raises his voice: "Only by obtaining the power of the Giants, which is equal to that of the gods, the supremacy of mankind, its very existence, can be ensured!"


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