Plunderous Plains

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The Plunderous Plains are a snow-covered area northeast of the Town of Schuttgart. This is the place where first the Giants and later the Dwarves wanted to build the Sky Wagon, a railway resp. maglev up to the sky, so that they could reach the abode of the gods. For that huge construction project a lot of material had to be transported, and the Gray Pillar Guild build a (terrestrial) railway from Dwarven Village to the foundries in Schuttgart, with a branch line directly to the construction site. Where that line branched off, a railway station, including marshalling yard and warehouses, was built. There were merchants, security guards, railway workers and adventurers - a real village with a vibrant community.

After the Fall of Mlan and the death of the Dwarven King, the Sky Wagon project was shelved, however. The railway station was mothballed, and there are now only two railroad workers left, Obi and Abey, who look after the slowly crumbling building. Bandits under the leadership of Rayito the Looter have moved into the area. Rayito summoned all the northern Goblin tribes and created a great, well organized bandit force, with watchmen, inspectors and captains. They prey on adventurers traveling between Dwarven Village and the Town of Schuttgart and survive by hunting the wild beasts on the Plunderous Plains, namely the Snow Lynx. Then they made a serious mistake, however, and stole the tribute from Dwarven Village that was destined for the castle lord in Schuttgart. Hearing that a great army was being assembled to clear out the bandits once and for all, Rayito and his men retired to the hills on the eastern outskirts of the Plunderous Plains, where they is now entrenched in their Bandit Stronghold.


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