Pavel Ruins

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Pavel Ruins
Pavel Ruins

These ruins are all that remains of the laboratory where the Giant scientist Pavel did research on weather phenomena and climate control. The north wing (in the foreground) got destroyed much later through an explosion that was probably caused by the Dwarven engineer Doctor Chaos. Unlike Pavel, the Dwarves were not interested in weather phenomena (thanks to their stocky build, Dwarves are perfectly comfortable in ice and snow) but in the Starstones that had been discovered near the old laboratory. Starstones are an important energy source that is needed to operate golems and also the airships that are used on the continent of Gracia. A huge team of Dwarves from the Gray Pillar Guild, the Black Anvil Guild and the Bronze Key Guild was dispatched to the Pavel Ruins. Between these three guilds, more than half of their personnel was allocated to the project.

The Collectors of the Bronze Key Guild succeeded in opening the door to Pavel's laboratory and found in there the remains of an excavator the Giant had used at the time to build his research facility. Luckily that machine had been built with ancient Dwarven technology, based on the Absolute Geometry Maphr had taught her children, so the engineers of the Black Anvil Guild could build a working excavator golem based on the old design. With the help of that excavator golem, the Gray Pillar Guild started a strip mine on the north side of the laboratory buildings.

Everything went fine, until a huge explosion happened in the north wing of the laboratory. Flaming debris was shooting like comets across the sky and the shock wave could even be felt in Schuttgart, where it made the windows rattle in their frames. That came as a complete surprise, just out of nowhere. At first people thought that maybe someone had accidentally touched a machine in the laboratory, but then a gigantic golem appeared out of nowhere, forcing the Dwarves to flee. By the time they returned, the probe golems, the excavator golems and all the other golems the Dwarves had made to assist them in the strip mine began attacking them. Any further work became impossible, and soon everybody left the area. Now only the Collectors Yumi and Gutenhagen from the Bronze Key Guild remain there.


Atlanta aka Suspicious-Looking Pile of Stones

Doctor Chaos

Doctor Chaos' Secret Bookshelf

Collector Gutenhagen

Strange Machine


Collector Yumi

Quests Available

Influx of Machines

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