Path to become a Scavenger

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1) This quest starts with Collector Pippi in the Bronze Key Guild, at the northern end of Dwarven Village.

2) Pippi gives you the usual "nose to the grindstone"-speech apprentices had to endure since the beginning of time. Then she tells you that you have to see Master Toma for your promotion. To find him, you first have to talk to his sister Mion.

3) Trader Mion is in the Grocery, at the southern end of the village.

4) Now an ordeal starts. Before Mion tells you where here brother can be found, you have to run many errands for her. This part of the quest is randomized; I was first sent to Trader Shari in the Weapons and Armor Shop.

5) Return to Mion and deliver the money. Next I was sent to Head Blacksmith Bronk.

6) Mion repeats this game again and again. I had to go alternately to Shari and Bronk three times each. Both Shari and Bronk were secretly laughing at me, but in the end Mion finally told me that her brother could be found on the northern coast.

Before you set out, you may want to pick up the Tarantula's Spider Silk from Mion. Later on you will have to kill those spiders anyway and you might as well have an additional income.

7) The northern coast is long. You best teleport to the Western Mining Zone, then keep northeastwards until you see the little island marked on the map. Swim over, head up the little path and on the top you will see Master Toma.

8) Toma wants you to procure for him 5 jars of honey, obtainable by using the Spoil and Sweeper skills on Honey Bears, who in turn are quest monsters that spawn when you kill Hunter Bears. The description of how to find the Hunter Bears is from an old version of the quest. Ignore it and just go where the marker pin on your map is.

9) The Hunter Bears (lvl 14, passive) will be green to you and should not pose any problem. After about every third one you have killed, a Honey Bear (lvl 17, passive) will spawn. Use Spoil on it. Even if the spoil condition has not been activated, you will obtain a Honey Jar on sweeping it after death.

10) When you have 5 Honey Jars, return to Toma. He gives you a new task: hunting spiders.

11) As you will have noticed when finding Toma, there are Hunter Tarantulas (lvl 16, passive) and Plunder Tarantulas (lvl 17, aggressive) right next to his island (both species are non-poisonous). You don't have to walk all the way to where the pin is on the map. Use Spoil on them again. You will get a Bead for about every other spider killed, even if the spoil condition has not been activated.

12) When you have 20 Beads, return to Toma. (If you don't tarry you should be able to kill the bears and spiders within the on hour of newbie buffs). Toma will ask you whether you want to take the last part of the test "far away" (i.e. in Gludin and the Death Pass) or "close" (i.e. in Schuttgart). Skip to step 21 for the "close" option of the quest. It's much easier.

13) The "far away" option is a bit dangerous. First Toma wants you to deliver a Bead Parcel to Warehouse Freightman (not Keeper, as in the dialogue screen) Raut in Gludin.

14) Freightman Raut is - where else - in the Warehouse at Gludin.

15) Raut is not satisfied with the beads you bring him from Toma. To appease him, agree to do him a favor. He then sends you to Dragon Valley (actually it's the Death Pass) to deliver a Teleport Scroll to his nephew Torai.

16) The Death Pass, as the name indicates, is not a suitable environment for a level 19 character. When you enter the pass from the south, keep to the left/western side of the road, thus avoiding the attention of the aggressive double-headed Grandis and Wyrm dragons. They are far above you and will kill you in a few seconds.

17) Torai seems to be a bit intoxicated and is obviously not happy in his situation. Give him Raut's Teleport Scroll. To express his gratitude he makes you a gift: a pair of Succubus Undies he claims to have picked up deeper in Dragon Valley.

18) Torai vanishes and you can return with the black underwear to Raut in Gludin Village.

19) It turns out that the "Succubus Undies" in truth belonged to Raut's wife - even older women can wear erotic lingerie with dignity! Raut is so glad you brought his wife's underwear back that he will give you a Ring of Raven as proof that you have passed the Scavenger test. Apart from that you get 81,900 adena, 228,064 exp (i.e. you gain a level) and 21,055 SP.

20) Take the Ring of Raven to Warehouse Chief Moke, to the left of Raut. Click on "Listen to information about first class transfer", then "Scavenger", then "Change Profession to a Scavenger".

You will obtain 15 Shadow Item [i.e. Weapon] Exchange Coupons D-Grade.

21) Choosing the close option, Toma tells you to find Yasheni the Warehouse Chief in Schuttgart.

22) Yasheni is in the Warehouse in Schuttgart and the quest ends, just like that. You will receive 81,900 adena, Ring of Raven, 295,862 exp and 24,404 sp.

Then talk to Warehouse Chief Alder in the same room to change class.