Path of the Warrior

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1) This quest starts in the village of Gludin in the Warrior Guild with Master Auron. He sends you to Gludio to talk to Trader Simplon.

2) Trader Simplon is in the Weapons and Armor Shop in Gludio, and asks you to retrieve 10 rusted swords from Tracker Skeletons in the Ruins of Agony.

3) The best place to find Tracker Skeletons and Tracker Skeleton Leaders (aggro) are actually outside the ruins themselves under the words Ruins of. Both will give the quest item, and it drops fairly frequently. When you have 10 go back to Simplon.

4) Simplon sends you back to Gludin to Auron.

3) Auron tells you to hunt Poison Spiders and Arachnid Trackers and bring back 20 legs. He says to only use the Rusy Bronze Sword he gives you. The patk is about mid non grade and it shouldn't be too much trouble if you still have the newbie shots from previous quests.

4) Windmill Hill, the famous PKer site, has both spiders together in one area and it's closer than the Fellmere Harvest Grounds. The item should drop one per kill, be sure to have the rusted sword equipped. When you have 20 to back to Auron.

5) Back in town talk to Auron and receive Medallion of Warrior, 3,200 exp and 1,500 sp.

6) To the right of Auron is Grand Master Ramos where you can choose to change your class once you hit level 20. You will also earn 15 Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupons.