Path of the Warder

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1) This quest for female Kamael at level 18 (19 in chronicles prior to CT2) starts with Master Sione in the Kamael Guild at Gludin Village.

2) She tells you about the Steelrazor Troop, a Special Forces unit of the Kamael. If you want to be promoted to Warder, you must fulfill a mission for them.

3) Sione sends you to the Abandoned Camp east of Gludin to gather intelligence. That means in this case that you have to kill Ol Mahum Novices and Ol Mahum Patrols to obtain Ol Mahum Orders and Ol Mahum Organisation Charts.

4) The Orders are carried by Ol Mahum Novices, which are not exactly at the Abandoned Camp, but near the Shanty Fortress, around the ruins of a farm in a back valley. They are only lvl 17 but quite aggressive, so try to pick off isolated ones from the sides. The quest item acquisition rate is 1/1.

5) The Organisation Charts are carried by lvl 21 Ol Mahum Patrols who can be found precisely where your marker is on the map. Again you get a Chart for every Patrol killed.

6) When you have obtaied the required documents, return to Sione in Gludin. She sends you on to Master Gobie in the Kamael Guild at the Town of Gludio. What the quest screen says about "Gobie in Gludio Castle" is nonsense. Ignore it.

7) The Kamael Guild in Gludio is tucked in the corner of a backyard, but using the map you'll find it.

8) Now a period of running errands starts.

9) Captain Bathis, a Human and the first person you have to see, is not where his position is marked on the map, but outside the north gate of the town.

10) Bathis seems to be a bit prejudiced against Kamael.

11) Return to Gobie. She sends you on to Grand Master Tobias in the Dark Elf Guild.

12) The entrance of the Dark Elf Guild is right on the main street leading out the east gate.

13) Tobias treats you with significantly more respect than Bathis.

14) Return to Gobie, who then sends you back to Master Sione in Gludin Village.

15) Barely arrived, you are sent back to Gobie.

16) Now there is a new task for you. You are to go to the Maille Lizardman Barracks and kill Lizardmen until Tak, a staff officer of the Ol Mahum who is acting as liaison, appears.

17) You will find Maille Lizardmen (lvl 20-24, but all half HP) right outside the west gate.

18) Kill about 5-7 of them, then Ol Mahum Officer Tak will appear. Kill him. His soul will automatically be captured.

19) Return to Gobie and bring her the captured soul. She rewards you with 3200 exp, 5934 SP and the Steelrazor Evaluation certificate.

In CT2 Gracia the rewards are 81,900 adena, 160,267 exp and 11,023 sp.

20) When you reach level 20, go to the Grand Master of any Kamael Guild.

21) Click on "Ask about the 1st class transfer", then "Listen to an explanation about Warders", then "Transfer to a Warder". Congratulations. You will get 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons which you can trade at any Grand Master for D-Grade weapons with a limited life span.