Path of the Shillien Oracle

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1) The quest starts in the town of Gludio on the Dark Elf Guild with Magister Sidra. She sends you to Gludin to Magister Talbot.

2) In Gludin in the Dark Elf Guild talk to Talbot and he has you go kill the Dark Succubus.

3) The Dark Succubi can be found near the moutains to the west of the Necro of Devotion, and you need 5 runes.

4) Talbot sends you to the Temple in Gludin to talk to Priest Adonius.

5) Adonius sends you to the Ruins of Despair to recover 10 Ashen Bones.

6) In the Ruins of Despair you can hunt Shield Skeletons, Skeleton Infantrymen Zombie Soldiers, and Zombie Warriors. The zombies are mostly inside the ruins, the Skeletons are on the outside for the most part, in the areas that look like it had been farmland. Be careful here, most of the mobs spam magical attacks that hurt quite a bit without good jewelry.

7) When you have 10 go back to Adonius and he sends you back to Sidra.

8) Sidra gives you 81,900 adena, Orb of Abyss, 295,862 exp and 19,964 adena. This is in CT2 Gracia, in previous versions there is no adena and less exp/sp.

9) Then see Tobius in the same Dark Elf Guild and change class to Shillien Oracle. You will also receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon D Grade.