Path of the Rogue

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1) This quest starts at the west exit to Gludin with Captain Bezique. He sends you to talk to Neti who is also in Gludin.

2) Neti gives you a non grade bow and dagger to take to the Ruins of Agony to kill the skeletons and spartoi with.

3) All mobs regardless of skeleton type give the quest item Spartoi Bones. Make sure to use Neti's Dagger or Bow. The Raging Spartoi and Skeleton Tracker Leaders are aggro so be careful, they are yellow to you at 18. When you have 10 go back to Neti.

4) Neti sends you back to Bezique.

5) Bezique sends you to the Abandoned Camp to hunt the Cat Eye Bandits.

6) In the Abandoned Camp you can find the Cat Eye Bandits just outside of the main camp and marked as a quest monster. You will need to get 5 items from them. The drop rate should be almost 100%.

7) Then go back to Bezique for the last time. The CT2 rewards are 81,900 adena, 295,862 exp and 16,814 sp. Earlier versions had no adena and less exp/sp.

8) Then to change class go to the Warrior Guild in the same town and talk to Grand Master Ramos.