Path of the Human Wizard

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1) This quest starts in the Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village with High Priestess Levian. She tells you to talk to Parina who is at the entrance to the same Temple.

2) Parina tells you to speak with the Flame Spirit who is in the Ruins of Despair.

3) Speak to the Flame Salamander in the Ruins of Despair and he will tell you to kill Ratman Fighters.

4) You can find the Ratmen just outside of the Ruins of Despair, return to the Salamander when you get the Key of Flame.

8) The Flame Salamander tells you to go speak to the Wind Sylph.

9) The Wind Sylph is near the entrance under the Shanty Fortress, you should be able to see if from a distance because there are large rock/trees coming up clawlike from the ground. She wants you to speak with the Wasteland Lizardman.

10) The Wasteland Lizardman is bit of a walk from the Wind Slyph. He gives you the Wind Feather.

11) Back at the Wind Sylph she gives you the Wind Bangle.

12) Next step is to visit the Water Undine who is by Fellmere Lake.

13) She wants you to kill Water Seers, which are just south of her location. They are aggro, but you only need two pebbles.

14) Back at the Water Undine, she tells you to visit the Earth Snake.

15) The Earth Snake is in the Ruins of Agony, he asks you to kill Red Bears.

16) Red Bears are north-east of the Ruins, when you get the required amount of Red Soil return to the Earth Snake.

17) Since you have all the items now, as the Earth Snake says, return to Parina.

18) Parina, in Gludin, gives you the Bead of Seaon, 228,064 exp and 14,925 sp.

You can then visit High Priest Levian again to change to a human Wizard and receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon: D Grade.