Path of the Human Knight

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1) This quest starts in Gludin Village in front of the Warrior Guild with Sir Klaus Vasper. He tells you to wander around and talk to guard captains and high priests in the Gludio area. Real vague.

2) You can do these in any order but this is how I did it. You only need 3 coins so the quest says but I did all 5. Go to the Temple in Gludin and speak to High Priestess Levian. She tells you to kill Lang Lizardmen and return with 20 Lizardmen Tokens.

3) The lizardmen can be found just south of Gludin; I tried the ones by the Langk Lizardmen's area but that didn't work. When you have 20 items (about 1/3 drop rate) return to Levian.

4) She gives you 1 Coin of Lords.

5) Then at the west gate of Gludio speak to Captain Bezique and he wants you to hunt spiders and return with 20 Venomous Spider Legs.

6) The spiders can be found in the same place the lizardmen were, and any kind works. Return when you have 20 items.

7) Bezique gives you another Coin of Lords.

8) Then I went to Gludio, to the Temple and spoke with High Priest Raymond. He tells you to bring back 12 Einhasad crossed from "departed spirits of the priests" that are found in the Ruins of Despair.

9) The mob is a Quest Monster called Undead Priest, just outside of the Ruins of Despair. You need 12 Einharad's Crucifix items. The drop rate is around 1/3.

10) Raymond gives you a Coin of Lords. So that's 3 coins, if you wanted you should be able to skip to step 20 now.

11) The next coin starts at the north gate to Gludio, with Captain Bathis. He asks you to hunt Bugbear Raiders and bring back 10 necklaces.

12) Bugbear Raiders can be found on the road from Gludio to the Neutral Zone. When you have 10 Bugbear Necklaces, which should be 1/1 drop, go back to Bathis.

13) Bathis gives you a Coin of Lords.

14) Then it's off to Talking Island, to the Temple, to High Priest Biotin. He wants you to kill Silent Horrors in the Elven Ruins and bring 10 skulls back to him.

15) Silent Horrors can be found in several locations in the Elven Ruins. I recommend at the least, newbie buffs, shots, some heal pots, and a good weapon. Most of the mobs in here are aggro and generally the whole room will aggro on you at once. The respawn is pretty slow and the drop rate is about 1/3 so it takes a while.

16) Back at Biotin he gives you a Coin of Lords.

17) The last one is at the north east exit to Talking Island, with Captain Gilbert. He wants you to kill spiders.

18) You can port to the Singing Waterfall and the spiders there will drop the items. You'll need 20 Giant Spider Husks.

19) Gilbert gives you the final Coin of Lord.

20) Back in Gludin with Sir Klaus Vasper he gives you 3,200 exp, 7,260 sp and Sword of Ritual.

Then when you are level 20 go to the Warrior Guild in Gludin and talk to Grand Master Ramos to change to a Human Knight. You will also receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon: D Grade.