Path of the Human Cleric

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1) This quest starts in Gludin village in the temple with Priest Zigaunt. He tells you to recover books in the town of Gludio, so head on over there.

2) In the town of Gludio there are three people to talk to and only one requires a side trip. Trader Simplon is in the Weapons and Armor Shop and gives you one book.

4) Then talk to Guard Praga who is outside the west gate. He gives you a necklace and tells you to kill zombies at the Ruins of Agony, and we'll go there in a minute.

5) Before you head over there talk to Priestess Vivyan in the church to get her book. Then head to the Ruins of Agony.

6) You only need to kill one mob here, Ruin Zombie leader, to get the quest item. Then go back to Gludio to Guard Praga.

7) Guard Praga will give you his book after you return the quest item to him. Then go back to Zigaunt in Gludin.

8) Zigaunt tells you to go to Talking Island to find Lionel to keep him quiet about the books. Port or boat on over.

9) Lionel is outside of town near the Obelisk. He begs you to save his book by taking it to Gallint at Einhovant's School of Wizardry on the island. It's just outside of town, and is the starting place for all human mystics as they start the game.

10) Talk to Gallint and he will give you a certificate proving he stored the book for Lionel, then it's right back to Lionel again.

11) Lionel thanks you and gives you his convenant to keep the church happy. Head back to Gludin and speak to Zigaunt again.

12) In Gludin in the church, talk to Priest Zigaunt and he will give you 81,900 adena, Mark of Faith, 295,862 exp and 17,664 sp.

The rewards prior to CT2 Gracia are Mark of Faith, 3,200 exp and 5,610 sp.

When you reach level 20 you can talk to High Priestess Levian in this same church to change your class to cleric.