Path of the Elven Wizard

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1) This quest starts in the Elven Village in a small house in front of the Grocery Store. Talk to Rosella and she gives you three tasks to do, and you can only start one at a time, I tried. I started with Ruby. She sends you to Magister Greenis who is in the Temple.

2) Magister Greenis requires you do something for her, which is kill Pincer Spiders to get 5 pieces of Red Down.

3) Pincer spiders are a ways west of the village, kill them until you have the 5 items then go back to Greenis.

4) Greenis gives you the Ruby so go back to Rosella again.

5) Choose Aquamarine this time and Rosella sends you to find Thalia.

6) Thalia is in an inconvienant spot near Iris Lake. There is no port even close to her, so you have a good run ahead of you. She's in the gazebo on the lake. She asks you to hunt Dryad Elders for Golden Leaves.

7) Dryad Elders can be found near the Elven Forest, when you have 5 go back to Thalia.

8) Thalia gives you the Aquamarine, go back to Rosella in the Elven Village.

9) Rosella's last option is the Amethyst and she sends you to the Elven Fortress to talk to Northwind, who is just outside the entrance. You can port right there.

10) Northwind sends you deep into the Elven Fortress to kill Sukar Wererat Leaders. They are aggro. You can do it solo at 20 if you take it slow as to not pull too many mobs. The ones deeper in this fortress are up to level 20.

11) Sukar Wererat Leaders are found pretty deep in the Elven Fortress, where is where they are first found, thanks to the new dungeon map areas. You need 2 Amethysts and remember the leaders are aggro and the Sukar Wererats are social to the leaders.

12) Back at Northwind he gives you the Nobility Amethyst and then go back to Rosella.

13) Rosella rewards you with the Eternity Diamond, 3,200 exp and 1,890 sp. Once you hit level 20 she gives you two places to change your class at. I did Gludio as it's closest.

In CT2 Gracia the rewards have been boosted.

14) Priest Raymond is in the Gludio Temple, talk to him to change class. You will also earn 15 Weapon Exchange coupons, D grade.