Path of the Elven Scout

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1) This quest starts in the Town of Gludio in the Warrior Guild with Master Reisa. She tells you to talk to Guard Moretti.

2) Moretti is at the west exit of Gludio and tells you to hunt Ol Mahum Patrols.

3) Ol Mahum Patrols are just outside of the camp, and obviously are archers mobs. Hunt them until you get all parts of the letter.

4) Back to Moretti he has you go to the Neutral Zone to find Prias.

5) Prais is basically right on the Neutral Zone port from the newbie towns and tells you to kill the Ol Mahum Sentries to get a key.

6) The Quest monster Ol Mahum Sentry is near Prais, not aggro. Kill them to get the key.

7) At Prias again, he sends you back to Moretti.

8) Moretti rewards you with the Honorary Guard. Then go back to Reisa.

9) Reisa rewards you with her Recommendation, adena, exp and sp but I do not have it listed here, sorry! Should be enough to go from 18 to 20 though in CT2 Gracia.

10) Then to change class talk to Grand Master Rains in the same building.