Path of the Elven Oracle

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1) Talk to Priest Manuel at the church in Gludio. He will give you a Crystal Medallion and tell you to find a girl who can work miracles near Gludin Harbor.

2. Go to Gludin Harbor and find the miracle girl, her name is Allana, she's up on the hill near the lighthouse. She will spawn three lizardmen mobs so be prepared. You will get quest item, Lizardman Captains orders.

They should be dark or light blue to you at 19 and easy to take out. Then talk to Allana again and receieve Half of Diary. She wants you to speak with Perrin, he's not too far off on another hill.

3) Talk to Perrin and he gets smart with you, I chose go to hell but I imagine either does the same thing (update, it does). He then spawns Tamil on you, who should be green to you at 20.

Once you take out Tamil, Perrin isn't such a wise guy afterall and hands over the money.

4) Go back to see Allana, and Half of Diary is replaced with Allana's Diary.

5) Then return back to the starting point in Gludio with Priest Manuel and he gives you Leaf of Oracle, 81,900 adena, 295,862 exp and 16,894 sp. These are CT2 Gracia rewards, which have been boosted.

Once you turn level 20 you can speak with High Priest Raymond in the same church and change over to Elven Oracle.