Path of the Elven Knight

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1) This quest starts in the town of Gludio in the Warrior Guild with Master Sorius. He has you go to the Ruins of Agony and hunt skeletons and spartoi for 20 Topaz Pieces.

2) In the Ruins of Agony any of the skeletons or spartoi will work, though the Tracker Skeleton Leaders and Raging Spartoi are aggro. When you get 20 go back to Sorius.

3) Sorius sends you to Gludin. It says Gludin Castle Town but Gludin does have a castle so that's weird.

4) In Gludin go to the Blacksmith shop and talk to Blacksmith Kluto. He wants you to get 30 Emeralds from Ol Mahum Novices.

5) All the Ol Mahum Novices, since CT1, have been clustered near the broken down houses near the Shanty Fortress. They are aggro. Get 20 pieces then go back to Kluto.

6) He sends you back to Sorius.

7) Sorius rewards you with 81,900 adena, Elven Knight Brooch, 228,064 exp and 14,925 sp.

Then to change class talk to Grand Master Rains in the same room.