Path of the Dark Wizard

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1) This quest starts at the Altar of Rites with Witch Varika. She gives you a list of things to do then has you talk to her sister.

2) Witch Arkenia is right to Varika and gives you another thing to do.

3) So I started by going north to the School of Dark Arts to talk to Annika. She wants you to bring back 2 knee bones of the skeletons in the School of Dark Arts. And no I don't know what's up with the candle, I don't think it does anything.

4) The various skeletons can be found in the first few rooms. When you have the 2 items go back to Annika.

5) Annika gives you the Seed of Horror.

6) You can do these in any order but I then went to the Neutral Zone waterfall (Undine Waterfall I believe it's called) to find Charkeren. He tells you a terrible story then sends you to find his family remains. I don't believe the key does anything at all either.

7) Go to the Swampland and hunt Marsh Zombies, or Marsh Zombie Lords until you have 3 remains.

8) Charkeren gives you the Seed of Anger.

9) For the next one go to the Ruins of Agony to hunt Skeleton Scouts. Yes, archer mobs for robe classes, fun. Even with newbie buffs, a good weapon and shots, if you are still in no grade gear I would bring at least a few health pots. You'll need 3 Heart of Lunacy.

10) Then back to the Altar and Arkenia gives you the Seed of Lunacy.

11) Varika gives you 81,900 adena, Dark Jewel, and 295,862 exp and 17,664 sp. These are CT2 Gracia rewards, earlier versions have no adena and less exp/sp.

12) Then in Gludin you can change class with Grand Master Xenos in the Dark Elf Guild.