Path of the Assassin

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1) This quest starts in the town of Gludio in front of the Dark Elf Guild with Triskel. He sends you to the Altar of Rites.

2) At the Altar of Rites talk to Witch Arkenia and she sends you to Gludin to talk to Guard Leikan.

3) Leikan is at the north exit by the Warrior Guild, and tells you to hunt Moonstone Beasts around the Neutral Zone.

4) Moonstone Beasts are in the Neutral Zone and the drop rate is 100%, and you need 10. When you have 10 go back to Leikan.

5) Leikan tells you to find an orc named Calpico who is near the School of the Dark Arts.

6) Calpico is north of the School and has 4 other "goons" with him, if you don't have the newbie Life Cubic buff you should bring some healing potions. They aren't hard but all of them at once can hurt fast. Take the Shilen Tears back to Arkenia.

7) Arkenia gives you her recommendation. Go back to Triskel in Gludio.

8) Triskel gives you 81,900 adena, Iron Heart, 295,862 exp and 21,264 sp. These are the CT2 Gracia rewards, previous Chronicles have no adena, and the exp and sp is much less.

Then when you are level 20 talk to Grand Master Tobias in the Dark Elf Guild in Gludio also and change to Assassin to receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon D Grade.