Path of the Artisan

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1) This quest starts in Dwarven Village in the Blacksmith shop with Blacksmith Silvera. She wants you to hunt Boogle Ratmen and Boogle Ratmen leaders, 10 and 2 items of each in that order.

2) Both are found in the Abandoned Coal Mines. First you need 10 items from the Boogle Ratman.

Then a bit farther in, in the room Toma use to port to, get 2 items from the Boogle Ratman leaders.

3) Then back to Silvera, who is called Silvery for some reason here, and she asks you which location to choose. I did Schuttgart. She'll send you to Railroad Worker Obi.

4) Obi is right off the Plunderous Plains Port from Schuttgart and asks you a bunch of questions. I don't know what difference it makes but I'll put what I chose.

I picked "I was sent to see you" He sends you to Mineral Trader Hitchi back in Schuttgart.

5) Hitchi is in the Blacksmith shop in Schuttgart and he has some more multiple choices, again I don't know if it matters but this is what I picked.

I picked "Well you see, it's like this"

I picked "I did think about it and decided to say something".

6) Then go back to Obi and receive 81,900 adena, Final Pass Certificate, 228,064 exp and 15,075 SP. These are the rewards as of CT2 Gracia, previous chronicles won't have adena and the exp is only 3,200 and 3,490 SP.

Then to change to an Artisan go to Gludio to the Blacksmith shop and speak to Head Blacksmith Mendio and receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons D Grade.

7) If you click on "Gludio Territory" in step 3), Silvera sends you to Blacksmith Kluto in Gludin Village. At the same time you get your 1st Pass Certificate.

8) Kluto is - where else - in the Blacksmith workshop in the southwestern corner of the town.

9) After first testing your Dwarfish character with an irrelevant question about introducing his son to Silvera - click on "I have to take a test!" - Kluto sends you with a letter to Blacksmith Pinter in Gludio.

10) Pinter is again in the local Blacksmith workshop.

11) It turns out that Vuku Orc Fighters have stolen an item destined for Kluto that Pinter had hidden in the workshop. Agree to recover it. To help you identify the thief, Pinter gives you a full-size drawing of a footprint.

12) Vuku Orc Fighters (lvl 17, aggressive) can be found all over Windmill Hill, southeast of Gludin Village. The Orcs themselves should be no problem, but beware of the aggressive lvl 19 Arachnid Tracker spiders they are hanging out with. Those are poisonous, so bring some Antidote (the simple variety will do). It took me 10 kills until I had my quest item.

13) When you have the Stolen Secret Box, return to Blacksmith Pinter in Gludio. He will give you your 2nd Pass Certificate and send you with the Secret Box back to Kluto in Gludin Village. Pinter admonishes you that you must not tell anyone what you have done. Keep that in mind.

14) When you talk to Kluto, don't mention that you got your 2nd Pass Certificate from Pinter. But if you do by mistake, the quest will still go on. Just talk to Kluto again.

If you click on "I have no idea", Pinter will reward you with 81,900adena, 160,267 exp and 11,726 SP. And of course you get your Final Pass Certificate.

Please note: in the "Schuttgart Territory" option at step 3) you get 228,064 exp and 15,075 SP, i.e. much more!

15) When you are level 20, take the Final Pass Certificate to Head Blacksmith Tapoy who is standing just to the left of Kluto. Click on "Listen to information about first class transfer", then "Artisan", then "Change Profession to Artisan". You will get 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupons D-Grade that you can exchange at any Head Black Smith or Grand Master for a Shadow Weapon.