New Horizons

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By EllieBelly and Elmar

1) This one-time quest, which can be picked up at lvl 3, starts in the House of Elders in the Kamael Village with Vice Hierach Zenya. She sends you to Gatekeeper Ragara.

2) Ragara hands over the Scroll of Escape - Giran with no further fuss.

The Mark of Traveler, an item that goes into your Quest Inventory, will enable you to pick up the one-time quest "To the Isle of Souls" from Trader Galladucci in the Luxury Shop at Giran, where you get, for some running around in the city, a "return ticket" to the Kamael Village. Since you nowadays get free teleports until lvl 40, it would be wise not to use that Scroll to Giran now but to keep it for the hard times that will start once you have reached lvl 41.