Maryse Redbonnet

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Maryse Redbonnet

Maryse is located near the north entrance to Dwarven Village. She has a deep seated hatred of wolves, as a huge wolf ate her parents and grandmother in front of her when she was 10 years old. She was saved literally from the jaws of death by an unnamed Bounty Hunter. Her nickname is Redbonnet the Horrible since she has killed thousands of wolves, even those only a few days old.



"I must kill them! I must kill them all! Huge mouth! Gigantic eyes! The rough sound of breathing! I still remember everything... right in front of me, it opened its mouth and swallowed my parents and grandma... finally, it was about to lunge out to eat me! Then a Bounty Hunter appeared all of a sudden and saved my life...

If it wasn't for that stupid Bounty Hunter, I wouldn't have had to live like this... everyone was killed! Only I survived! I should have been killed with my parents and grandma... do you know how hard it is for a woman to live alone?! I will kill the wolves! I will kill them all! I will kill the wolves who took my happiness away!!!"

Quests Available

Revenge of the Redbonnet

Quest Appearances

Testimony of Prosperity