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Sentry Kayleen

Kayleen is located just outside the west exit of Dark Elven Village.

Quests Available

Orc Subjugation


"Greetings. Have you seen many places? My wish is to adventure in the wide, outside world someday. When I give up my job as sentry, I am thinking of traveling to Elmore. If you go there, there is a village of Pabell build by Dark Elves.

Maybe it's just because of the oppressive atmosphere that hangs around the School of Dark Arts, but sometimes my wish seems a very remote possibility"

(Ask about Pabell of Elmore)

"Pabell is in the kingdom of Elmore, to the north of Aden. They say it is the northernmost place in Elmore, a cold region where snow remains on the ground all year round. About fifty years ago, remains of Shilen were discovered, and many Dark Elves moved there to begin research. They made a village there called Pabell. However, the war between Aden and Elmore is not over, so it is very difficult to go there."