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Tetrarch Kaitar

Kaitar is one of the four Tetrarchs taking care of the day-to-day affairs of the Dark Elves, the other three being Talloth, Thifiell (the primus inter pares) and Vellior.

Quests Available

Bones Tell the Future


"May the holy darkness of the abyss fill the land.

I am Tetrarch Kaitar, prophet of the darkness chosen by Gran Kain, father of darkness. I follow Shilen, mother of the abyss, and am the black priest who interprets Shilen's will.

Goddess of death and Destiny, Shilen sometimes gives me the ability to see into the future. For many generations my family has been born with the ability to predict the future by tossing the bones of the dead and looking at the fallen shapes, or by gazing into the eyes of the dead. in the current situation, with enemies surrounding us, it is my task to foresee the disasters that may threaten the future of our race".