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Bodyguard Jax

Rovelt now goes by the name of "Bodyguard Jax". He once was a member of the personal guard of Duke Byron Ashton, the lord of Dion, who was even more than usually oppressive and squeezed out the local peasants until they saw no alternative but to revolt. In reaction, Duke Ashton wanted to hire the Shark Troop, a gang of mercenaries feared all over Aden for their cruelty. Ashton's men had recovered golden relics from some ancient ruins near Gludio; with that gold the lord intended to pay the mercenaries.

This was the last straw. Now Rovelt felt no longer tied to his oath of fealty. Although he had no special feelings for the villagers of Dion - after all he had spent his life with the ruling class - he could not allow those innocent people to fall into the hands of the Shark Troop where they would suffer a terrible fate. Rovelt instigated three of his comrades to steal the gold, which had been melted down into 20 ingots for easier transport, while on the way from Gludio to Dion Castle. They buried the gold - still in its sturdy wooden chest - under an oak tree in the southern part of the Floran Agricultural Area. Then they drew a map of the place and tore it in four pieces, one for each of them, so it would require all four to dig up the treasure again.

But fate does not smile on men who betray their liege lord. Guard Solt, one of the conspirators, was murdered by Road Scavenger bandits while crossing the Death Pass on his way back home to Elmore. His comrade Makell joined the peasant army, full of high ideals, then he got caught and was beheaded at the Dion Execution Grounds; as a warning example to others his body was hung from a tree and left to rot. Rambert (or Lambert), the third conspirator, left Duke Ashton's guard and took up service with a rich trader. He died while trying to defend his master from Delu Lizardmam raiders.

After the death of his three comrades, Rovelt also left the guard, changed his name to "Jax" and is now working as bodyguard for the Dwarven trader Rolento, spending his days at the southern entrance of the Wasteland and trying to forget his past as well as escape the wrath of Duke Byron Ashton.


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