Iron Gate Guild

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The Iron Gate Guild is the largest and most powerful of the six guilds which form the framework of Dwarven society; it boasts a tradition of nearly 1000 years as a prestigious union of famous traders and influential bankers. This guild runs warehouses in almost every settlement on the continent, the only exceptions being Orc Village and Elven Village. But even there, cargo checked in will be reliably delivered by the Iron Gate freight network to any warehouse the customer desires. The Iron Gate Guild does not pay heed to the boundaries drawn by Humans and Elves. Wherever there are people, there is money to be made. In the true spirit of free enterprise the Iron Gate Guild does business with anybody who is willing to pay their fees.

When some time ago rumors about a new race, the Kamael, were spreading in Aden and Elmore, the Iron Gate Guild immediately realized the potential for profit there. The guild elders were convinced that they, with their wide-ranging network and firm economic foundation were best suited to represent the Dwarves and should be in charge of the efforts regarding the new race. Warehouse Chief Alder from Schuttgart became a member of Priest Dominic's cabal to make sure from the beginning that the Dwarves obtained economic access to the Kamael; the guild should be permitted to open a warehouse on the Kamael's island and Dwarves should have exclusive rights to trade with and for the new race. Alder even went so far as to threaten his fellow conspirators that if the Dwarves were denied these privileges, they would in turn deny the Human kingdoms the works of their hands and their minds. Although Alder chose sometimes not very reliable adventurers to convey his messages to the other members of the cabal, the gamble paid off - there is now a Dwarf-operated warehouse in Gevurah.

The warehouse staff all over Aden and Elmore is generally quite fond of gambling. Just sitting around and waiting for people to bring in items can be very boring, so they thought of different ways to amuse themselves. Warehouse Freightman Cliff from Oren and Warehouse Chief Baxt from Hunters Village for example like to play bingo, betting unclaimed items - adventuring is a high risk occupation and not all warehouse customers come back to retrieve their stored valuables - or even the Warehouse Keeper's Medals issued by the Iron Gate Guild to reward guild members who create an especially high revenue for the guild. Warehouse Chief Klump of Aden, on the other hand, uses a deck of mysterious cards left by Necromancer Hindemith to challenge unwary travellers to a poker-like game.

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